ASN Software

ASN Software

Our ASN software is an application for managing shipments on the market. It has support for industry-standard shipping reports and labels. It is flexible enough to allow you to build your shipments based on your needs or the requirements of an individual trading partner whether standard carton, pallet orders or pick & pack (pick-and-pack).  Whether you have one trading partner or one hundred trading partners, our ASN software will grow with your business. The architecture of our ASN software allows calls to external applications at many points in your process as well as support for your custom reports.

Shipments Managment, The ultimate EDI Software for creating ASNs

Your backend business system may handle orders and invoices, but for managing shipments, ASN Xchange makes it simple and seamless. Go beyond the basics, with this robust, yet easy-to-use solution for creating shipments, pinpointing the details of each order, pallet and carton…right down to the item level. ASN Xchange is the perfect companion to your EDI software. Every purchase order document (such as an X12 850) you receive in your EDI software gives you much of the data you need to produce labels, reports and ASNs. ASN Xchange makes it all possible. ASN Xchange does much of the heavy lifting for shipments. You can customize many of the settings. Even set them to default to values specific to your business or your trading partners requirements, to minimize manual entry every time.

Build Any Type of Shipment

Together with your EDI software, ASN Complete lets you build shipments for any type of fulfillment: pick-and-pack, standard carton, master carton or pallet orders. The software generates your labels, then produces a data file (CSV or XML) to import into your EDI software where it is mapped to the appropriate trading partner-specific ASN format. You can even generate a single shipment for each purchase order in a batch.

Print the Labels You Need

With ASN Xchange, you can produce carton, master carton, contents or pallet labels. All industry-standard barcode symbologies are supported, including GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) and ITF-14 for SSCC-18 and GTIN labels.

Run Reports Easily

In addition to generating your serialized labels, and enabling Advance Ship Notices, ASN Xchange makes light work of shipping reports. Our built-in reports allow you to generate shipping manifests, VICS-compliant Bills of Lading (VICS BOL) and Master VICS BOL reports, at any point in the shipping process, with minimal data entry.


ASN Xchange can be installed and licensed for one trading partner or an unlimited number of trading partners, and everything in between. Start with exactly what you need today, and increase your scope as your business grows.  Ready to see ASN Xchange for yourself? Contact us to schedule a demonstration or to get pricing information.  Every solution from Amosoft EDI is delivered with individualized service and support. Our staff of experts will work with you to ensure that your ASN software solution meets your specific needs.


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