ShippingEasy EDI Integration

Take the headache of shipping thing, client marketing, and stock management with our incredible and easy to use the platform, specially created according to your shipping needs


Why choose Amosoft for ShippingEasy EDI Integration?

Spare Time and Money

Orders naturally added to ShippingEasy. No more physically entering requests in ShippingEasy. Enables you to concentrate on increasing productive things

More joyful Customers

Create names and dispatch arrange speedier. Quicker conveyance = Happy clients

No More Shipping Errors

Dispose of human information passage blunders. Never have orders sent to the wrong location

Multi-channel shipping automation, plus abandoned cart emails and inventory management.

Effectively associate ShippingEasy with your Shopify store to get to ground-breaking shipping robotization, the best accessible rates, and multichannel request handling. ShippingEasy Seller Suite incorporates an intuitive email development with robotized email highlights, in addition to strong stock administration.

ShippingEasy and Amosoft integrate with all the most well-known shopping baskets and commercial centres. Utilizing your ShippingEasy account, we naturally pull request information from all stores and commercial centres to in a flash robotize, match up and track your requests.


Ecommerce merchants get more with ShippingEasy

It becomes extremely easy for ecommerce merchants to integrate ShippingEasy with there present store and it can get connected to multichannel, these ease of the errors produced by human.

  • Orders from wherever you sell, all in one place

    With much ease you can import orders from every place of your business channels. In addition to that computerization and standards to organize and process your direction accordingly. Clump print names and send the following data back to your stores.

  • The best available shipping rates

    Access Commercial Plus Pricing USPS shipping rates, in addition to selective Flat Rate Green cubic rates to spare much more.

  • Abandoned cart emails to increase sales

    Straightforward simplified email dropping makes wonderful messages a snap. Create one-time or automated email campaigns, including revenue-generating abandoned cart emails.

  • Multichannel inventory management

    Multichannel stock management implies your stock is exact from every one of your business channels. Assemble item experiences from a powerful dashboard, get to speed and gauge revealing, and better oversee providers and buy orders.

Features of ShippingEasy store owners love


Automatic order import

It is extremely easy to organize all order information and to it be pulled in automatically, with shipment and tracking information sent back to your store and your customers


Shipping automation

Shipping Easy saves time by automating your shipping processes in accordance to your requirements, including label printing and easy return labels, so you can focus on building your business and focus more on ROI.


Easy international shipping

Now with ShippingEasy you can easily automate your customs forms to avoid confusion and ensure proper delivery to your international customers also.



You can customize and make bespoke packing slips and confirmation emails, add your logo to labels, and more with Shipping Easy.


Robust Inventory management

With ShippingEasy you can have full two-way sync that ensure you the accurate inventory, in addition to that automate supplier management, set low stock alerts and notify you instantly on that occasion, and easily create bundled products.

With each new customer in your pocket every time , you ship the product and gain the most valuable data— data that’s currently being not properly utilized by your built-in shipping software. ShippingEasy puts that data to work to help you create powerful and most efficient marketing campaigns and inventory automation to give you best returns. It’s your shipping data. Its your shipping data, better use it in the best way and store all bit of information in proper format.

Workflow Automation

Smart filtering and client list segmentation powers computerized and one-time email battles to enable you to make rehash business; use or modify pre-fabricated formats, or drop your own code into the development; prescribe items and solicitation reviews naturally.
Put a conclusion to a one-by-one shipping method with the use of Shipping Easy.
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