What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the process of exchange of business-related documents, from a computer-to-computer or from a computer application-to-application, in a standard, secured, accurate and most effective way electronically bridging the business/trading partners.

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EDI Integration Solution by Amosoft

Our EDI integration tools, tailored as per your requirements, perform EDI data translation between eCommerce platforms and any ERP systems. It also performs Flat file conversion and XML mapping along-with other data manipulation. The process takes place in the flow of Formatting the exchangeable data in standard way, validating it, applying all business rules into it, connecting and transferring the data to trading partners. We make Integrating EDI easy.

Why is EDI Integration required?

Modern businesses have modern problems and they require modern solutions.

In order to automate the manual traditional process of exchanging the business documents between trading partners; EDI integration is a must. The three-stage process of reviewing, analysing and confirming the EDI information is required and that is done by EDI integration. Our EDI Integration tools and solutions help to reap automation rewards for the companies who use EDI for their critical B2B transactions and are ready to use EDI with its full potential. We at Amosoft take care of your specific needs and desirable and customize format of data exchange in order to help you grow exponentially.

How EDI Integration helps in Business-to-Business Process Automation?

  • Share data and expand group of partners very quickly.
  • Improve quality by eliminating data errors.
  • Quick, Accurate & Effective data processing in electronic way.
  • Excels in customer service.
  • Adapts complete Automation.
  • Advantage of secured data exchange of critical B2B transactions.
  • Helps cutting down the cost by 80% by subtracting manual order processing, manual exchange of paper-based documents and adding automated EDI integration solution for Order Processing.

Important documents required for EDI Integration

Integrating EDI 850 Purchase Orders with Shopify and your EDI Trading Partner.

Integrating EDI 810 Invoices with QuickBooks/QuickBooks Online and a CSV.

Integrating EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledge with Amazon Vendor Central.

Integrating EDI 856 ASN with ShipWorks and ShipStation using their API.

Integrating EDI 204 Motor Carrier Shipment details with your EDI automotive Trading Partner.

Integrating EDI documents with online apps such as NetSuite, BigCommerce, Magento, among others.

Importance of EDI Standards

EDI is ideally considered as a business conversation - documented in a technical fashion. It is completely logical that EDI standards should be rigorously maintained.

In today’s hyper digital world, most of the common complaints about EDI is due to the rigid standardization. On the other hand, as it has become a lifeline for businesses, the standard formats have helped EDI to hold its position, in market of technologies, for a long duration. Defining EDI standards is an ongoing process as business requirements get refined, extended with the change in certain parameters in different industries.

What is Amosoft going to do for you for Electric Data Integration Services?

Trading Partner Enablement

Use Amosoft to deploy integrated EDI processes to partners and avoid VAN dependence.

Trading Partner Management

Establish and manage trading partners to enable EDI transactions using standard EDI and eCommerce capabilities.

EDI Data Mapping

Transform EDI messages into or from any combination of XML, flat files or databases.

Standard Connectivity Options

Process any type of EDI document, such as complete AS2 connectivity for real-timae connectivity to your business partners.

Innovative Electronic Data Interchange Integration Platform

EDI Automation

In order to automate the data exchange between the companies or rather the trading partners in a business, EDI is one of the most important technology which can deliberately show up the path to provide significant and timely information to the business partners.

Data Translation

When two or more trading partners, of geographically different places, are exchanging information; it is very likely that the data formats and standards will be different in each case for the common business documents. So, in order to ensure that they can still communicate with each other, all endpoints need to receive data in a format that they understand, and EDI helps in data translation with its automation property.

Ecosystem Empowerment

EDI integration connects the dots and by that it becomes an integral part of a process wherein all the business documents, assets and project management are taken into consideration for overall empowerment.

Effect of Movement

A robust integration connects your accounting system with different trading partners in a reliable way.

Perks of Integrated EDI Solutions for your Business

EDI solutions come up with EDI implementation guide. But let’s first look at the key benefits of EDI services or rather Integrated EDI solutions:

  • Reduced Costs (Large reduction of document processing cost)
  • Automated Workflows (Direct one-to-one electronic document transfer)
  • Smooth Pace
  • Exclusive Accuracy
  • Amazing Efficiency (comparatively more efficient process)
  • High-end Security

EDI Use Cases: Who Can utilize Integrated EDI Solution?

Without real-world applicability, no definition of EDI is complete. Electronic Data Interchange is helpful for a broad range of tasks spanning thousands of specific information transactions. Here are just some of the most common scenarios where EDI is helpful from among the many thousands of transaction types that EDI handles every day.


  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Jet.com
  • QuickBooks
  • BigCommerce

Supply Chain (Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive)

  • Purchasing
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Shipping Confirmations
  • International Orders


  • Logistics
  • Tracking products
  • Accounting
  • Creating invoices
  • Providing audit trails


  • Patient Health Information Exchange
  • Health Insurance Processing
  • Prescription Information Exchange

How to Carry Out EDI Integration?

Before delivering the new integration solution, we are checking it from end to end so we can ensure that the success of the project is 100%. We validate and monitor closely the progress of the implementation and we are building the project a step-by-step using our workflow engine including all the interfaces, documents and rules that applies to the requirements.

In some cases, what you might want to do is simply move the data from one system to another. For example, export all the orders from your Shopify account and sending them to your trading partners in an EDI file or any other format such as CSV, Tab delimited, XML, just to name a few. In that care we will orchestrate your entire process, map the data properly and send it our using the communication methods required by all parties involved.

When you need to add another connection, document or some type of integration, we will be able to expand the solution to accommodate that as well because we are a true system integrator and can connect to any end point out there, translate, map, convert and exchange all type of business documents. We use different type of technologies, so we are not limited to any restriction presented by specific software vendor. We have our own server that are hosted remotely on web farms, so we can guaranty that anytime in the future, should you want to grow, expand and add more connections, then we can provide that.

Exclusive Integrated EDI

EDI team and the expertise required for implementing EDI project is vital for the success of the project.

  • EDI experience - With many EDI projects under our belt, we know that we can provide a true and complete software integration between your Information system and your trading partner.
  • Project Management - Sets timetables throughout the entire undertaking with tasks, assignments and expected outcome, making sure we deliver on time.
  • Solution Architect - We will build your integration solution based on your specific requirements after talking with you and your team and we will make sure we understand what are the project requirements, interfaces needs, communication channels involved and any special, unique requirement your project has.

The ultimate system architecture for your integration project

Solution Architect’s function is to prevent providing one of a kind and point-to-point designs and rather offer an overall concept that accepted across the business. Significant function of this role is to design an overall concept that integrates the management of all EDI messages, an overall concept for utilizing and re-using mappings, an overall concept for dealing with mistakes, an overall concept for bringing about modifications and facilitating those modifications to performance. Overall concept that is in accordance with meta-driven, Service-oriented architecture (SOA) will enable fast modifications to the solution while your trade demand varies and most appropriate to measure as your business partners or data increase in the course of time.

EDI Implementation: Configuration and Compliance

Achieving EDI compliance eventually means three things

  • Setting up your EDI facilities
  • Aligning your EDI configuration with the EDI systems of your trading partners
  • Certificates that comply with prevalent norms

Aligning your EDI configuration with the EDI systems of your trading partners

  • Proper EDI Protocols
  • Select and implement proper exchange format and process
  • Comprehensive EDI documents library
  • Proper configurations

Setting up your EDI facilities

To get began with EDI, either procure or set up the following main parts

  • EDI communication software, EDI mapping, EDI translator
  • Internet Communications, VAN, etc
  • Hardware server or PC
  • Secured and safe workplace
  • Data backup

Certificates that comply with prevalent norms

To get began with EDI, either procure or set up the following main parts

  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) — certifies the U.S. X12 EDI standard
  • UN / CEFACT — certifies the common global EDIFACT standard
  • GS1 — certifies several industry-specific global EDI standards (constructed on EDIFACT)

EDI Integration For Modern Business

If EDI is so critical to meeting customer demands, improving employee efficiency and streamlining the delivery of goods and services, why wouldn't an organization use it? And how is a company expected to decide which integration alternative is correct for its requirements?

Manage and monitor your company operations better with Amosoft and its various other services. Amosoft automates EDI processes that connect, convert and route EDI and non-EDI documents between internal and business partner applications without the need for custom code. This enables businesses to decrease operational latency and expensive mistakes and enables companies to begin trading with new trading partners more quickly.

Why Amosoft amidst Modern Businesses?

"Modern EDI integration Solutions for Modern problems of Modern Businesses."

Amosoft provides a lot of everything you need to satisfy your EDI requirements, from automated EDI integration techniques to self-managed integrated EDI procedures, including automated on-board partnering. Or our Amosoft integration specialists can handle all the EDI and B2B integration procedures for you, with the flexibility and scale you really need. No matter how you move your EDI files, Amosoft will always make sure you have complete access to all your information in real time, including web-based dashboards, transaction reports, and automated alerts. Ask for a demo today.

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