Wayfair EDI Integration

With over ten million products from more than ten thousands suppliers, Wayfair have one of the world’s largest online selections of furniture, home furnishings, décor and goods.
Amosoft offers a Complete Automated, integrated and fully managed EDI Connectivity solutions for Wayfair to connect merchants with their ERP and eCommerce platforms, implementing the exchange of EDI documents such as Purchase Orders, Invoices, Inventory Feeds, Advanced Shipping Notices, and more...


Wayfair EDI

We have built a fully integrated EDI Solution around the Wayfair business requirements to help companies comply with Wayfair requirements quickly, removes the need to re-key the data information when exchanging business documents with your ERP, Accounting Software and eCommerce Platform.

With our EDI solution for Wayfair, you will comply with all Wayfair integration requirements and be able to exchange business documents directly with them.

Our EDI connectors completely built from the ground up, maintained by our developers, allowing customization and flexibility in our software integration solutions that allow clients to grow

Transaction Sets required for Wayfair EDI

EDI 850 - Purchase Order

EDI 855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgement

EDI 856 - Advance Shipment Notice

EDI 810 - Invoice

EDI 869 - Order Status Inquiry

EDI 870 - Order Status Report

EDI 997 - Functional Acknowledgement

EDI Integration

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