ShipWorks EDI Integration

Amosoft will receive your EDI Purchase Order from trading partners and place it via our fully integrated and certified e-commerce solution on the ShipWorks platform. ShipWorks offers its automated services, which allow you to select a range of the most competitively priced suppliers.


Amosoft with ShipWorks

Build Order

Get orders from purchasers on all e-commerce, accounting...


Submit shipment data from ShipWorks and update with the Tracking...

Drop Ship

Take advantage of fast and unlimited order management, repeat...

Full integration
with EDI

ShipWorks unites to your account directly with Amosoft. Your orders...

ShipWorks Specifications

ShipWorks can help you compare carriers and services efficiently to ensure the lowest rates are achieved. ShipWorks knows that it is challenging to choose the right carrier and service. For each package you ship, ShipWorks will automatically select the best carrier and service so that it can be easy for you.

ShipWorks can also be used for automating most shipping activities and autopiloting your shipping process.

This helps your company eliminate bugs and get orders out quicker, analyze virtually all ordering criteria and apply carriers-specific service options automatically.


Features of Shipping Provided by Amosoft

Amosoft is e-commerce and EDI-based software integration company; also it is a cloud-based company that integrates leading e-commerce platforms such as ShipWorks and other shipping companies.

  • You can directly download from Amosoft.
  • We are providing integration support for FedEx, DHL, e-commerce and other companies.
  • Daily sending Notifications and Emails
  • Tracking updates
  • Support from shipping companies like, Express1, and others.

Benefits You will Get Using ShipWorks Services

There are many benefits you will get like you can log in from multiple locations and efficiency will increase, through automatic repetitive tasks time can be saved. These benefits can get your shipment process faster.

  • Less Time

    You can reduce the time you have spent fulfilling your order with ShipWorks drastically.

  • Easy to Use

    As you begin to use the ShipWorks so that you and your staff can use the software immediately, it is convenient-to-use functionality that decreases order management to a point and a click.

  • Reduce Cost

    Each ShipWorks component has been developed with a focus on time savings and usability, which ultimately results in lower costs for your company.


Integration to Amosoft with One Click

Your orders are downloaded from Amosoft with one click or an automated schedule. ShipWorks will provide the upgraded order status, delivery method and info tracking to Amosoft once you have processed a shipment. Also, the pricing is affordable with low monthly fees. The price will decide on shipment volume.

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