Overstock.com EDI

Amosoft is an all-one, versatile option that scales alongside your business. By incorporating with your business procedures, streamline and automate as your business expands.


Easy EDI Service, Integration and Compliance with Overstock.com with Amosoft

Use Overstock.com to rapidly become capable of EDI. Amosoft provides customers with a easy, safe and inexpensive alternative to make Overstock.com compatible with EDI and able to do so rapidly.

Whether you're fresh to EDI or have years of knowledge, Amosoft offers a strong and intuitive alternative to meet all your EDI demands. Amosoft operates as your own unit of EDI and adheres to the EDI demands of Overstock. We guarantee that you are consistent not only with Overstock, but with all your trading partners.


Why should inventory and EDI be connected?

Do not waste time and cash when you become an Overstock provider on a distinct EDI link. Use Amosoft with its built-in EDI connectivity to eliminate the time, cost, and complication of third-party EDI applications, while taking advantage of the real-time stock leadership capacity of Amosoft. The main advantages of getting a single system stock alternative and EDI include

A single order processing and trading scheme with an EDI distributor

A single interface that lowers the demands for information input and the likelihood of mistake.

Direct implies built-up function, enabling complete control of how event-based Amosoft interacts.

Simplified and automated handling of transactions and invoices

A single supplier for technical assistance to cope with.

Visibility of real-time inventory and inventory concentrations across all your lines of distribution.

Greater inventory visibility as Amosoft automatically receives Overstock commands, decreasing inventory accessibility

Management of Amosoft store implies that inventory is immediately withdrawn to prevent overselling

Create buy instructions relying on EDI instructions orders

How Amosoft integrates with Overstock

A provider must be prepared to submit and obtain payment records electronically in accordance with the company's x12 EDI norms in order to start trading with Overstock. Amosoft is completely compatible with the following transaction papers to be sent and/or received

  • 846 Inventory Inquiry
  • 856 Advanced Shipping Notice
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgement

To get started with Overstock EDI

Our specialist EDI technical employees can readily set up fresh mappings for you and track all Amosoft Cloud EDI emails on a daily basis. We are here to help you all the time.

  • Tell us which scheme you would like to incorporate.
  • To verify technical demands, we will liaise immediately with Overstock.
  • To guarantee a solid service, we provide the execution and conduct a comprehensive inspection method with Overstock.

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