Integrated EDI Solutions for Ebay

Sell on eBay using our fully integrated and certified eCommerce solution Our automated platform enables sellers to fulfil orders, ship to customers or use our fully automated drop ship solution. In the B2B sphere, because the range of partners exploiting EDI technology and interchanged messages grow, therefore do the advantages. Goods and repair suppliers (storage, distribution, etc.) issue alerts to the distributor that it will use to trace the availability chain. For big retailers, product control has become a competitive necessity as a result of it makes it attainable to, among different matters, meet product demands and cut delivery times. This explains the ever-increasing must work with EDI, like within the case of eBay.

Ebay EDI Solutions

Affordable only get what you employ

Straightforward & Intuitive User-Interface needs no proprietary computer code or technical experience

Connect to all of your commercialism Partners using a single web-based portal

Change your supply Chain by seamlessly integrating with commonly-used ERPs, accounting packages and shipping service Apis like FedEx and UPS

Cloud-based Infrastructure provides full access to any needed EDI document from anyplace with a web affiliation

Automatic Email Alerts indicate once new documents have arrived in your inbox

Bespoke document defaults minimize knowledge entry saving time and reducing pricey errors

Catalog Management System simplifies the order method and automates the 856 Advanced Ship Notice (ASN)

UCC-128 Barcode Shipping Labels enclosed in your program and provided free of charge

Smart Filters organize documents supported specific criteria set by the user

User Permissions give management over users access to knowledge and response documents

Cross-platform: Works excellent on each Macintosh and laptop on your selection of browser

eBay Integration Features

Ebay Marketplace Integration

Export orders from eBay and send them over to your suppliers/vendors automatically as they come


Manage Inventory

Import and update inventory on eBay


Manage Catalogue

Automate and manage catalogues through a versatile platform. The exchange of catalogue “SKU” information is essential to represent current special product configurations and avoid “out of stock” situations.


Reprice Instantly

Change pricing instantly to respond to market conditions. The ability to “reprice” at a moment’s notice will allow stepping ahead of the competition.


Drop Ship Automation

Enjoy the benefits of fast unlimited quantity and pricing updates for inventory, elimination of repetitive manual order entry and significantly reduced payment cycles.


Ebay Marketplace Integration: Benefits for distributors

  • The standardized nature of documents, one among the key options of EDI, allows electronic interchange with completely different agents due to the employment of a common language that powers different IT systems to act with one another. This eliminates barriers and facilitates operating with many businesses.
  • Goods traceability. It establishes a shared message system that details the movement of products between entirely different warehouses.
  • Stock management. It makes it potential to share info between a provider and a supplying operator for real-time management of the main points of the stock available in every warehouse. It uses tools like CRP FLOW to facilitate end-to-end continuous inventory replacement. This makes it potential to regulate stocks to demand and supply customers with an efficient response.
  • It supplies product info via e-catalogs (data pool). The provider will mechanically facilitate real-time product information: characteristics, prices, etc.
  • It integrates the data that suppliers send with management systems. the advantages of operating with EDI include method automation and also the risk of integration information in a very company's ERP for the process with no human intervention

What type of alerts does the distributor receive and integrate?

In response to a purchase order (ORDER): the distributor receives an alert informing it that the order has been received and processed at the destination (ORDER RESPONSE). If there's a controversy or if longer than expected was spent process the availability order, the distributor gets notifications and alerts informing them of this.

When the products are in transit, the distributor receives the packing lists (DESADV) that it will use to test the products received against those listed on the acquisition order and build changes if there's any distinction during this regard before the invoice is issued. Packing lists facilitate merchandise management within the warehouse. Obtaining advance notification of what you're visiting receive allows higher designing.

E-invoice integration (INVOICE). Mechanically work a document in an ERP system simplifies the annulment and validation processes with alternative already-logged documents like orders and packing lists. If the validation method may be a success, the system considers the invoice prepared for payment and mechanically sends a confirmation message to the supplier's EDI resolution (REMADV).


EDI: benefits for suppliers

EDI may be an added tool that entails a competitive edge for suppliers who implement it in their corporations. It opens the door to a wider variety of retail commerce partners. It additionally optimizes management processes and boosts company potency, delivering a significant value saving. Advantages include method automation, Human error reduction, Paper, and warehouse area savings.

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