ShipStation Integration

Sell on ShipStation using our fully integrated and certified eCommerce solution

Our automated platform enables sellers to fulfill orders, ship to customers or use our fully automated dropship solution.

Import & Export Orders

Create orders in ShipStation and Export orders from ShipStation to any file format. Then send these orders to anywhere you'd like via any file type you want including CSV, Tab Delimited, EDI, XML, Excel, ...

Create Order Labels

Creates a shipping label for a given order. Simply download the printable label as a PDF file

Mark Orders as Shipped

Marks an order as shipped without creating a label in ShipStation.

Add & Remove Orders Tags

Adds a tag to an order and Removes a tag from the specified order.

Hold Orders until a specified date

Change the status of the given order to On Hold until the date specified, when the status will automatically change to Awaiting Shipment.

Restore Orders From Hold

Change the status of the given order from On Hold to Awaiting Shipment. This endpoint is used when a holdUntil Date is attached to an order.

Assigns & Unassign a user with an order

Assigns a user to an order and Unassigns a user from an order.

Manage orders by Status, Tags, Dates, Store, ...

Export orders based on Order Status, Tags, Dates Range, Store, ...

Delete Orders

Delete Orders from ShipStation

Export Shipments

Export a list of shipments based on Order Number, Carrier, Tracking Number, Ship Dates, ...

Get Shipping Rates

Retrieves shipping rates for shipping.

Create Shipping Labels

Creates a shipping label for a given shipment. Simply download the printable label as a PDF file

Void Labels

Voids the specified shipping label

Export Products

Export a list of products based on Name, SKU, Tag, Category, ...

Our Partnership with ShipStation

The Amosoft and ShipStation partnership would be a logical way to start. Let Amosoft receive your EDI Purchase Orders from your trading partners and place them on the ShipStation platform. ShipStation will provide their automated, cloud-based services allowing you to choose a variety of the most appropriate carriers from multiple access points with competitive pricing.

Integrated with ShipStation

Once shipping is complete, Amosoft will receive the tracking information from ShipStation and send an EDI Advanced Ship Notice back to your trading partners completing the business cycle. This entire process is accomplished through an advanced API connection eliminating any special effort on your part.


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