Shopping Cart Integration with the help of Amosoft

  December 15, 2020       By Ray Atia

Businesses who want to succeed must constantly explore new channels/mediums to reach customers. For you, as a SaaS App provider who runs order and inventory management, shipping, warehouse, PIM or any other solution, of any other industry; shopping cart integration means an opportunity to grow your business in multi-fold manner. What’s more important is – the more shopping platforms your solution support, the better are the chances to meet the needs of a larger number of client base.

However, shopping cart integration remains to be one of the most challenging tasks for every eCommerce SaaS App provider. The in detail infographics below will tell you more about the challenges that often happen when integrating with shopping platforms and all-in-one solution from Amosoft, that makes shopping cart integration much easier.

What is Shopping Cart Integration?

Shopping Cart Integration is a process of interaction between eCommerce platforms and applications. In other words, Shopping Cart Integrations are services or softwares used to simplify the eCommerce processes. Ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Prestahop, WooCommerce, etc are few of them which powers millions of web stores with the Shopping Cart Integration.

Shopping cart integrations ideally offer support in various activities such as handling orders, inventory, accounting, e-mail marketing, and other eCommerce activities. They are directly connected to the shopping carts and are granted access to the customer data so that they can streamline digital commerce operations.

What all industries does Shopping Cart Integration works best for?

Working hand-in-hand with multiple shopping platforms bring a lot of benefits for B2B eCommerce SaaS systems and enterprises of various kinds. There are numerous industries wherein Shopping Cart Integration works in collaboration with the e-store owners in order to organize and automate their e-retail businesses/industries such as eCommerce Marketing Automation, Inventory-order-warehouse management, mobile app building, reprising, shipping management, etc.

Integration with shopping carts allow such systems to get access to data of their clients’ store which eventually can be used to create and send personalised, discount, or abandoned cart e-mails. For inventory and warehouse management kind of services, Shopping Cart Integration allows to get data on products, categories, orders, tracking numbers, etc for fulfilment of their operations.

What are the main benefits of Shopping Cart Integration?

Shopping Cart Integration has lot of benefits. Few of them are as below:
  • Helps in expanding the market share.
  • Allows the business peers to win or rather say attract more clients.
  • Importantly, it helps in extending the functionality range of your businesses.
  • It helps merchants and stakeholders of the businesses to reach their customers beyond the geographical as well as time barriers.

What are the pitfalls of Shopping Cart Industries?

Each and everything, though technically strong and lucrative, comes with the other side of coin. There are few majorly recognized pitfalls of Shopping Cart Integration such as:
  • Integration costs is quite high.
  • Expertise is required in developing flawless integrations.
  • Along-with being costly, Integrations are time-consuming.
  • Each integration is uniquely arduous.
Maintenance is the one of the important pitfalls.

Shopping Cart Integration Solution

Amosoft, with its expertise strategies, helps you to integrate any kind of SaaS App services with multiple eCommerce platforms at once with the help of its proved strategies and API methods. As a result, via just one integration, you can get any necessary information including products, customers, orders and other information of multiple platforms and can easily process it within your systems.



As you may see from the above info-graphics, establishing and maintain shopping cart integration is a lengthy, costly and complicated process. In case you want to focus on improving your core product instead of focusing on complicated shopping cart integration and related API connections, using a single API for shopping carts & marketplaces provided by Amosoft would be your best choice to go for!!Amosoft provides a scalable workplace in which you can add a growing number of online stores and multiply your customer base.