June 27
EDI in Healthcare and Insurance
by Ray Atia

Paperwork is a big part of the healthcare system, and a major reason that so many healthcare systems, especially in the United States, are so

February 08
Medical Claims Clearinghouse EDI Reports
by Ray Atia

Medical Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reports are easy to understand once the basic terminology is defined. EDI is the transmission of data from

January 26
Making ePrescribing Pay Off
by Ray Atia

E-Prescribing is a method of sending prescriptions where the prescriber electronically sends a prescription to the pharmacy from the point of care

January 06
Electronic Trading Network Vendors Are Struggling over HIPAA EDI
by Ray Atia

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), healthcare providers are required to adopt uniform standards with regards to