March 12
Do We Need EDI VANs
by Ray Atia

Do We Need EDI VANs? When the question comes up do we need EDI VANS? The complexity of supply chain platform administration comes up immediately.

February 06
Justifying EDI Costs
by Ray Atia

When a major client is requiring that your business be EDI-compatible, it is easy to begin justifying EDI costs; alternatively, one must sell it as a

June 15
EDI VAN To Test Drive
by Ray Atia

VANS (Value Added Networks) typically perform multiple services for a wide range of institutions to link and access communication with several

June 14
The Impact of EDI on Competitiveness in Retail Supply Chains
by Ray Atia

For many years, developments in the information technology have caused many companies to establish such technology within their offices and to extend