June 28
EDI in Retail
by Ray Atia

EDI is a normal part of retail, and retailers are struggling to provide better selection and worth to consumers. Some large companies were starting

March 19
Should you be consolidating your EDI partners
by Ray Atia

Consolidating EDI accounts leads to fewer business processes, saves money and increases buying power. Hosted EDI first came out a few years ago, and

March 16
Avoid invoice chargebacks deductions fines
by Ray Atia

In Vendor Management, it is absolutely crucial to try and avoid chargebacks, deductions, invoice offsets. As a supplier, it is hard to keep up with

March 15
The pro and con on EDI Chargebacks
by Ray Atia

Charge backs take money away from a retailer's bottom line. The charge back has been called the parking ticket or traffic ticket of the retail