June 22
EDI in Automotive
by Ray Atia

In the first period of the 1980s, the AIAG, which is short for Automotive Industry Action Group, was created, and they were put together to lay out

March 29
by Ray Atia

There were interviews conducted by executives from five large companies namely, Becton-Dickson which is based in NJ, Nestle-Corporation which is

March 21
An Expose Did EDI influence their contracts with EDI Shippers
by Ray Atia

Carriers were asked to indicate whether or not EDI had influenced their decision to contract with their EDI shippers by answering from a scale of one

February 14
How EDI changed for Shippers from its first year
by Ray Atia

How EDI changed for Shippers from its first year? Each carrier was asked to indicate how its number of EDI shippers has changed or is expected to