June 26
To Outsource or Not…. Part 2
by Ray Atia

Other Aspects to Consider Scalability is a factor to think about before outsourcing. Ask the company how well they handle an increase in volume.

April 12
To Outsource or Not…. Part 1
by Ray Atia

When a company outsources their EDI processes they might save money and gain a few other advantages. These same benefits apply to other areas of

March 13
B2B Hubs and B2B Spokes B2B Spokes and B2B Hubs
by Ray Atia

B2B Hubs and B2B Spokes, B2B Spokes and B2B Hubs What is the problem with the recent approach to EDI Software incorporation? A new idea is needed.

July 11
by Ray Atia

An electronic envelope is a nifty little term that means there are a network of codes that outline the boundaries of electronic documents. The