How to Generate Leads using Lead Magnets for your business

  December 08, 2020       By Ray Atia

What is Lead and Lead Magnet?

In the simplest of explanations, a ‘Lead’ is nothing but an individual or a specific business peer that has shown interest in your product and/or service and has shared their contact details like an email address or a telephone number over the space like your website, social handles or in some sort of form. This sounds very simple, but it has been, since ages, a topic of hot debate between the marketing and sales teams of any business unit. While marketing teams depend and handle the number of leads generated, sales teams look at the quality of leads and the way ahead to convert those leads. This conflict could be devastating for any business at a longer run.

Research says that the companies with its sales and marketing teams been aligned, generated 200%+ more revenue from its marketing pillar. It is a bit difficult but crucial for the overall growth of any business, that both the marketing and sales teams be in sync with each other. Marketing teams should aim majorly at generating high-quality leads whereas sales teams should give constant feedback to the marketing teams on the quality of leads generated and the updates on conversion of leads.

A lead magnet, in simple terms, is an incentive that incites a visitor on your business website to give you at least their email address. You can then add all the data to your ‘Potential’ list and send them your email campaigns, eye-catching and amazing offers, etc.

B2B businesses can ask for numerous details like the company name, the designation of the person filling the form, a telephone number, date of birth, current location, etc. In-fact, getting a telephone number is considered to be a hot lead as it depicts that the person now wants to engage with your company for your product or service or both.


Best 5 Lead Magnets for any business


  • E-book download - E-books are an all-time potential lead magnet. It is a tried, tested and proven as well. They are a great lead generator, provided they offer true value to the users.


  • Webinar - Webinars again prove to be a great way to attract potential customers. Unlike an e-book, webinars let you interact and engage with your audience and vice versa.


  • Trial period - Signed up for a trial period of Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos or Spotify and bought the subscription after the trial because you were hooked? Then you know it well that how effective and efficient the trial period offers are for lead generation and sales as a whole.


  • Gated video - A gated video is nothing but a platform where users need to fill up a form to watch the video or are asked to fill in their details after the first few seconds in order to proceed further.


  • Free mini-course - A free mini-course would surely take a lot of time, resources and efforts to create but it if the plan is executed well, it will yield you the best results for lead generation.


In what all means does lead generation apply to COVID-19?


During this COVID times, people are spending a lot more time on the internet in order to stay updated and to stay in connection to the outside world. With commute times cut down, no socializing or unfortunately, many who are laid-off, people now have a lot of time on their hands to get things done easily and get in touch with the latest technology and siders for entertainment. Many want to upskill themselves and now finally have time to read - do a course online - watch a webinar. Or simply are looking for ways to occupy themselves in order to upgrade a level up.

If you create content that genuinely offers some solution to any problems; those been faced by people all over the world during the coronavirus pandemic, you will attract leads for sure! Remember, it’s not the time to sensationalize and take advantage of peoples fear or give out wrong, unverified information in order to generate leads or take them to the next level of your business chain. With sales hard to come by, this is the time to nurture your potential leads / buyers / consumers / customer. It is a proper time to engage with your current customers and nurture the leads you get. It’s like build the trust and once the crisis is over, those leads will convert for sure.

What is EDI? & Benefits of EDI Integration?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and it simply depicts the communication of business documents in a standard and secure format between different trading partners. With the help of EDI, the knowledge is exchanged or rather say moved from a computer application in an organization to an application in another organization and vice versa.

EDI holds a great potential in offering astonishing levels of automation and efficiency through its integrated solutions. Below are the major benefits of the same:
  • Cost savings
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Security

How to connect generation of Leads and Automated Amosoft EDI solutions

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an information technology that offers a platform for data exchange through all kinds of electronic means between the business partners associated to a business. This helps, companies, organizations, countries to exchange all sort of business documents electronically and securely. We, at Amosoft, supply Highly targeted, Customized EDI users Database, EDI users Email list, EDI users mailing list and EDI Companies List that surely give a platform for unparalleled response and conversion rates of the potential leads.

It’s the best time to earn the confidence of business possibilities in your products and services by introducing the benefits - of using your offerings through our massive EDI end users mailing lists enriched with high potential leads. The question might arise for the verified and updated lists! But you don’t have to worry regarding the same as our authentic marketing lists of EDI users are duly verified, cleaned, and updated on a regular basis in order to maintain data validity and help your business to have the latest stuff for lead conversion. Amosoft’s extensive database of EDI Users is designed exclusively for multi-channel, multi-level B2B marketing. That can assure you help to reach the target audience through various channels like emails, direct mails, events, telemarketing and much more. Amosoft offers its EDI customers email addresses that are SMTP verified and can-spam compliant. This helps marketers to study different markets through surveys, which eventually will support their future business strategies to get applied successfully.

We have tailored an integrated marketing solution for all kind of businesses say small scale or large scale; which will help businesses reach their right audiences more effectively. That would eventually help them grow their sales quickly. Our accurate and efficient EDI Users tele-calling list provides businesses to increase their customer base and hence boost their sales at a longer run. Our EDI Users Mailing List helps your business to launch effective and successful marketing campaigns which would help to create a plethora or options and pipeline of new high-quality potential leads.

So, if you’re interested in growing your business, contact Amosoft today and get a way to enhance your userbase and potential lead-base to enhance and excel in your endeavours.


Amosoft’s EDI platform will help to generate potential leads with the modern approach as modern day problems need modern and automated solutions.