How to Build Launch Grow your Ecommerce Store

  December 01, 2020       By Ray Atia

Introduction to eCommerce Industry


Realization of having a successful ecommerce business and mining money while in sleep is merely a real-time dream for many. With the ecommerce ecosystem growing rapidly year-on-year, it's very essential for online retailers to have the right technology at place to underpin their strategy. But with so many platforms and options available in the market, how can you tell which one is right for the smooth success of your business?

ECommerce platform integration projects can be a big undertaking for sure. Picking up the right EDI Integration approach and partner is crucial in the world of multiple options. Mismanaged projects can end up being way too complicated along-with being time consuming and wastage of monetary without experiencing a suitable solution that works smoothly. And while you’re trying to figure out, the customer experience continues to suffer resulting in poor satisfaction ratings, increase in customer service tickets, and most importantly loss of sales. Boom! Your reputation is on the stake!

What is EDI? & Benefits of EDI Integration?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and it simply depicts the communication of business documents in a standard and secure format between different trading partners. With the help of EDI, the knowledge is exchanged or rather say moved from a computer application in an organization to an application in another organization and vice versa.

EDI holds a great potential in offering astonishing levels of automation and efficiency through its integrated solutions. Below are the major benefits of the same:

  • Cost savings
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Security

Major points to be considered to grow your ecommerce business.


eCommerce support

With all the constraint a business might face, it is very much important to have an ecommerce support for the business. Different constraints like Time management, Travel aspects for the stakeholders and sales representatives, lack of proper technical knowledge, etc are some which might disturb the business process and slow down the growth at a longer run.

It becomes very much important to keep a check on the usability of the eCommerce platform even if a non-technical person accesses it. However, support should be available if required. For the same, many eCommerce platforms do offer additional support, but additional support comes with additional cost. Additional charges can hurt the margins set.

Amosoft ensures that you get support, if needed, at no extra cost.

Secure eCommerce sites

Unlike large companies with high secured set-up; small and medium-sized business are the ones that hackers frequently target, and incidents of data breach take place. Today, data security is becoming one of the biggest concerns among consumers and ecommerce sellers.

On one hand, starting an online business store is easy; on the other hand, keeping it safe from all types of hacking, phishing and other cyber-attacks is ideally overlooked. Trust badges on your eCommerce site ensure customers that the site is legitimate, and their data is secure. Amosoft helps in maintain the security of your eCommerce sites with its solutions.

eCommerce product catalogue

One of the biggest challenges in an online business is to provide and manage the product catalog. In complex structures and set-up, it is critical that you either get a tool that does the catalog aggregation for you or you do it yourself with the basic knowledge. Either way, aggregating different catalogs from multiple distributors into one giant robust catalog will completely transform the way you conduct your business online, making it super easy to price and provide necessary services to the customers.

Rich content for products

One of the prerequisites for online sales is nothing but a very good product content or rather proper and quality description of any product. An eCommerce site which lacks good content for products will not get appropriate sell.

The major and crucial content of any product, for a smooth eCommerce experience, includes High-quality product images, proper product description and standardised technical specifications; not only for the seller but for all buyers as well. The reason behind it is obvious that buyers would wish to look at products images, compare products, and view tech specs before purchasing anything.

Amosoft helps in maintaining the quality of the description of the product with its standard format and template irrespective of the product.

Transactional fees and cost of eCommerce

Do you have to pay a transactional fee or a percentage amount from the sales to the eCommerce providers?
Do they charge additionally for additional features, widgets, plugins etc? Is additional support been charged additionally? How expensive is it to scale-up your business online?

Above mentioned are the questions you need to answer and take care of. If the business is earning in low margins and additional costs cuts down your profits to the maximum limits, it becomes necessary to look at all the factors that eat up most of your profits.

What If most of the features necessary to run your business are a part of the application solution?

You don’t have to pay extra for the features and to scale-up. Amosoft, with its tailored ecommerce solutions help you to stay away from the extra costs and will help to save up your pockets.

Online marketing of the store

Below mentioned are important factors that are been looked for an SEO friendly eCommerce platform:
  • Is the eCommerce store SEO enabled?
  • Does it allow you to add a blog to your website?
  • Can you use your own domain name?
  • Can your customers leave reviews?
  • Are you able to create landing pages?

The other important points are as follows:

  • Payment gateway Integrations
  • Price of Product
  • Data backups and Performance of online store
  • Scalability and Responsive design
  • Upsell and cross-sell
  • B2B eCommerce features


At last, it’s over to you – the business makers to choose wisely for the upliftment of their business and competing with the players in the same field. Amosoft, with its tailored solutions and assistance of selecting the right ecommerce platform for the betterment of its customers/clients, helps at its best and makes you win your fights for the online footprints of your businesses.


Amosoft’s EDI Integration solutions for eCommerce are the best tools which eventually help to grow your ecommerce business.