Your Customers Matter in the Retail Supply Chain

  March 12, 2012       By Ray Atia
When you think about outsourcing electronic data interchange (EDI) services, what benefits for your organization stand out? Sharing information electronically with the manufacturers in your retail supply chain helps information to flow freely in two directions. In Amosoft EDI, we know that free-flowing information means that the retail business will get to understand better how to work with its supplier. Also, the supplier can reduce the time it takes to replenish the retailers supply of a product by receiving electronic access to the retailers inventory levels through EDI. Did you know that an effective EDI relationship between retailer and supplier also has its benefits for customers? Its not hard to understand why if you place your retail business in the larger context of the market economy. Customers are the ones who drive the market for what you sell. When a customer buys a product at your store, his transaction begins a new chain of events in the supply chain. If the product is the last one that your store has on hand, your retail EDI system will automatically order another unit of that product. That is how Amosoft EDI for retailers soution helps your company to maintain a steady supply for customers. A customers purchase brings the relationship between retailer and supplier to the next stage. The restocking of the stores inventory with a new product, which will be shipped soon by the supplier, equals another chance for a purchase to occur. Every time customers buy something, they benefit the retail business and all other companies in the supply chain. To keep customers coming back, work with a reliable EDI service and ensure that your store is fully stocked throughout the business cycle.