Why to Move to an EDI Cloud Computing Provider

  March 11, 2013       By Ray Atia
Why to Move to an EDI Cloud Computing Provider? Any companies that are seriously considering utilizing the cloud but are not sure of its potential benefits, here is a short list of why cloud computing could possibly make sense for you, especially whenever its compared with hosting in a data center or taking the time to build such an infrastructure for yourself. While cloud computing used to be considered an unproven technology, its steadily gained mainstream acceptance. Here are some of the reasons why: * Unless you plan to build a huge network, cloud computing providers will actually save you money. This is because its expensive to install and maintain an IT infrastructure. However, a cloud computing provider will substitutes this cost for a fixed monthly fee. Furthermore, you will acquire profits faster on the start-up of new projects. At the same time you will also be able to reduce the risk thats associated with on-premise implementations, which not only require funding but whose payback is uncertain. The monetary savings gets even better whenever you consider the hardware and project-management resources that are necessary for making this happen. Of course, there is also no hidden costs. * A cloud-based managed service provider will make it easier for you to forecast costs. Whenever you are on your own you will come across unpredictable costs. The cloud computing provider will take care of capital IT and personnel costs so you only need to pay a fixed monthly fee. Of course, the fee will increases as you get more users but you will know exactly how much. This is helpful because you will be able to predict the cost benefits too. * Scalability is great with cloud computing because its unlimited. While it used to take months to make architecture upgrades and yet they never occurred on schedule because something would go wrong. This is a thing of the past because now you can build websites and add services that do not require a lot of resources but can then be scaled up during visitor spikes. There will not even be any investment necessary here. As such, you will be able to react quickly to changing market conditions. With the cloud you will be able to leverage the providers enterprise-level IT resources and deploy them as needed, which makes cloud computing truly flexible since applications are able to be turned on and off as needed. Servers and other infrastructure can be scaled up or down as required according to your business needs. Also, if you happen to need additional bandwidth your cloud provider will be able to give you that with no problem because he has a lot of remote servers available to use. * IT personnel hate doing maintenance, support and operations functions. Outsourcing these jobs to cloud-based EDI providers increases your employees morale. Cloud solutions also allow employees to work from home with the same type of interface that they use at the office, which makes it easier to move more employees to remote working positions. * The more money that you invest in IT, the more risky things become. With cloud computing you will not be nearly as dependent on an on-site system since they will take on the risk of all of the IT deliverables. * IT organizations are challenged whenever they have to deliver applications and data remotely. Cloud computing makes this both easy and secure to do instead of being trapped behind corporate firewalls. Nevertheless, cloud applications can be utilized as long as you give it access. So, it does not matter where you are located. * You no longer have to waste time continually backing up your files because you can rely upon the cloud computing providers data backup and protection process. * Implementing what the cloud companies have done can be very complex and expensive. * More and more companies are moving over to cloud computing today. As such, vendor competition is also on the increase. This has caused cloud vendors to adjust their prices and service offerings. * Companies that have made the move to cloud computing are able to work better since they do not have to maintain or service a complicated IT infrastructure. Instead, this work is left to the experts who regard this as their core business