Updating Your Processes with Retail Business Partners

  March 09, 2012       By Ray Atia
You can work with an outsourced Manufacturing EDI provider to ensure that your manufacturing organization has the ability to exchange standard business form data with retailers in the supply chain. Both retailers and suppliers have actually been using some form of EDI for decades. In the 21st century, EDI typically occurs through the web-based exchange of information. From time to time, each business partner will decide to upgrade its system to be compatible with other EDI-linked systems in the supply chain. While your company might not be currently designing a new IT infrastructure related to EDI services, your retail partners could be improving their own IT systems. You must ensure that your information system, including information such as your supply levels of finished products in your warehouses and centralized production schedules, will work with each retailers improved systems. Do not panic! You might not have to replace your technology, but you may have to update the system. You have to understand how a retailers new system works and if its design will create any new processes that will not interact correctly with your EDI-linked system.