Integrate your ERP accounting system with Amazon Vendor Central and EDI

  March 05, 2019       By Galia Ben Harouch

Amazon Vendor Central and EDI Integration

All e-commerce businesses and especially Amazon sellers, have to deal with the complexity of integrating their accounting system with their online operation.

Accounting is not something you want to mess with, it has to be right, and therefore deserves your attention. The bigger your business is, the harder it gets to keep track of all your invoices, income and expenses. So how can you make it so much easier and simpler with EDI and how the integration of your in-house accounting system can give you an edge over the competition?

Years ago, before e-commerce, if you sold tens of thousands of products every month, you usually grew your physical business accordingly. But times have changed and today you can be a proud Amazon vendor with thousands of sales every month and run most of it from your laptop. 

We have discussed at length, many times, the importance of automating your chain of operation - from supplier to buyer, but what about accounting?

Even if you have someone who "does the numbers" for you, there are several steps to take when you're working with Amazon, especially if you're an Amazon vendor. 

Amazon is very strict about their rules and working methods. They need you to do things exactly the way they tell you, or they won't be able to manage the monstrous amount of sales that take place every single day. But what Amazon wants doesn't always integrate with the way you're used to do things, or what your system is capable of. 

We know that working with Amazon is a constant flow of issuing invoices, authorizations, responses, email and so on. If you're used to issuing an invoice before shipping a product, you may have to change the order of things when working with Amazon and even add a step or two. 

Changes like that may also impact the way you manage your accounting when working with suppliers and other clients outside of Amazon. 

That without mentioning your different shipping providers, forwarders, fulfillments and so on.  

With EDI Integration you don't have to change your entire way of doing business, just because Amazon likes it a different. 

EDI is your way of integrating your system with Amazon, the way they want it, and still keep everything else the way YOU want it.

Using EDI to integrate your system Amazon Vendor Central will also give you the competitive edge you need, by giving you the ability to be flexible and adapt faster to different ways of working.

When you know the possibilities EDI gives you, you can jump higher and faster in closing deals with suppliers and customers, knowing that your business can uphold the changes.