Double your profit on Shopify with a segmented mailing list and EDI

  February 05, 2019       By Galia Ben Harouch

Segmented Mailing List and EDI Integration for Shopify

Selling on Shopify makes a lot of sense to people around the world that make a lot of money using that platform. 
With all the benefits of an online platform and almost none of the restrictions, the sky is not the highest limit.

One of the greatest benefits of a Shopify store, compared to other platforms, is the fact that you can personalize the treatment of your customers to increase profit substantially. Let's take a look at how EDI Integration can make the process of mailing your customers so much easier and efficient. 

"The money is in the list" - a saying that seems to be as old as marketing itself. Every marketing man and woman knows the statistic of selling to a cold market. They also know how you can double your income by selling to a "hot" audience, that knows you, that bought from you in the past, and that you have a relationship with. The hottest market for any business is its list of clients. 

If you have a Shopify store and you're not collecting your customers' details, especially mail addresses, you're literally walking away from money, and not just any money - easy money! 

The money is in the list of customers that were happy with your service in the past, but now just don't remember the name of your Shopify store, been distracted by something else or, for whatever reason, just didn't think about you when they went shopping online. 

Well, the reality is that most of them are not going to remember you if you won't remind them. But when you do remind them, they'll probably be happy to check out your new collection and buy from a store they already had a good experience with. 

If you understood that already, you probably opened an account with one of the many auto-responders platforms out there, but found out that it's harder than you thought. Maintaining a working Shopify store along with consistent contact with your clients is not easy. You have to send at least one email a week, create special sales or coupons and send several reminders and invitations to your customer to for every holiday or Black Friday sales. 

The process begins by transferring your customers' mail addresses from Shopify to the auto-responder. In that point, you realize that you can make so much more money of each client, if you could divide them into segments such as: woman, man, high paying customers, more then one time buyers and of course divided by the category they bought from. For instance, if it's a home decor store, divide to: customers who bought children's room items, kitchen gadgets, wall art etc. 

This way, you can offer each customer items that you know he's interested in and bought in the past. At the same time, you can have the same customers in the general list of clients, getting emails about special deals and holiday cleanups. 

Sound complicated? add EDI to your Shopify store and it'll become very  simple.

At Amosoft, we know how to utilize EDI to integrate your Shopify store with your auto-responder system, to divide your customers into as many segments as you want.

Instead of copying and pasting your customers' email into the auto-responder, EDI can do it for you, while checking what they bought and adding them to their optimal list.

We can create a set of rules for EDI to identify the best list for each client and even make periodic checks to see how each customer reacts to your promotions and give you reports. 

Most business owners feel that marketing is the most tiring part of the business, but once you'll have EDI to automate all the copying and pasting, you might find, that it's actually the fun part of the business.

Mailing you old customers is where the big money is, and you'll be surprised to find that Shopify stores don't have to grow only by adding products. You can also grow your store from within, by attending to your client's needs and inviting them to buy from you time and time again.  

Shopify EDI Integration make selling on Shopify a lot more fun a lucrative for you.