Where Do I Go From Here Part 2

  April 10, 2013       By Ray Atia
(1) Staying put. Liking what you do is a definite blessing. The stability that gives you is certainly a plus for you and your company. Determining what you desire is extremely important, so do not let the company pressure you to make a move that you are not interested in making. It seems ironic to me that when searching for a job, everyone is interested in experience, but then it is not uncommon to be asked to consider a move to an area where you are less experienced. Being too comfortable can lead to apathy, but a highly motivated person who simply loves what they do is a bonus to any company. If you choose to remain where you are, be willing to accept training opportunities to better yourself where you are. (2) Move internally on the team. Internal transfers are often good for the employee and the company. Because you already possess working knowledge of the company, its policies, and its people, you are not a liability coming in. You will probably have a solid understanding of the roles around you and be familiar with the procedures being practiced already. Internal promotion and transfer is often a strong desire of most companies as well. (3) Move to a management role. Before you are too quick to jump on this type of responsibility, weigh it all out. Some folks are simply not cut out to lead in a corporate capacity. However, many leaders will emerge from the woodwork and could be surprisingly successful. Have an independent personal leadership analysis performed to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Having a professional opinion of your leadership qualities should give you the type of data needed to make a quality decision. (3) IT. Because you have EDI experience, you have many qualities and training that your company requests for employees in that department. If you have written EDI software, then your IT prowess will be evident. What you know about various computer software configurations and issues will certainly be a plus. Typically known for attention to the little things, you may very well be a perfect fit in an IT setting.