How Business Analytics is Being Delivered in the EDI World

  July 18, 2013       By Ray Atia
Business analytics or business intelligence combined with data aggregation is no longer new. This was once referred to as Decision Support Systems. While it works directly with the business system, it is indirectly dependent on the EDI system. Amosoft EDI BI is an application that can do all of this while maintaining a direct linked to the EDI. Amosoft EDI BI is an application packed with business intelligence features that help enhance relationships between trading partners electronically. Its main emphasis is on improving data quality, keeping track of business operations and enhancing supply chain visibility. Amosoft EDI BI has the capability to provide businesses with all essential reports and notifications. With this, businesses will be able to monitor all electronic transactions with their partners such as ASNs, invoices and orders. As a result, they can enjoy more efficient cash flow and reduced vendor charge-backs. They will also be able to maximize all operations involved in the business. Additionally, Amosoft EDI BI has been designed to help business owners monitor and sort out previous documents and transactions already completed with business partners. This includes shipping advice, invoices and orders. This business intelligence application is built with features that will expose detected problems as soon as they arise. It imposes stringent business rules applicable to almost all transactions to eliminate redundancies right away. Business owners who opt to use this application will be notified of these problems through their email. Alternatively, they may get online reports. What is great about Amosoft EDI BI is that it is easy to use and implement. It utilizes business to business transactions along with EDI as its primary data source. Moreover, it allows business owners to detect all trouble within the supply chain in real time. Amosoft EDI BI is comprised of a number of components working synergistically to deliver a comprehensive solution for business analytics. Amosoft EDI BI allows business owners to deal with the following problems. • Shipment Tracking It is important for business owners to keep track of their inbound and outbound shipments. Amosoft EDI BI helps them use shipment tracking features to meet customer needs or make changes with its internal processes if necessary. • Contract Negotiation B2B process compliance is essential during contract negotiations. Customers utilize this in order to come up with desirable product pricing and payment terms. Amosoft EDI BI will analyze all data exchanged electronically between business owners and customers. With this, they will be able to see their compliance performance in the same way that their customers do. There is no need for them to go through the backend system in order to find information. • Compliance Testing Service Amosoft EDI BI makes it easy for business owners to determine any changes in retailer compliance guides through the Internet. Similarly, vendors get notifications and updates via email. They may also receive instructions to test transactions before they proceed with the production process. • Chargeback Avoidance Businesses lose a lot of profits due to hefty chargebacks. Fortunately, Amosoft EDI BI can help them avoid all these. Amosoft EDI BI allows them to explore and fix all errors in all electronic transactions even before the chargebacks accumulate. The biggest advantage of Infoborder is perhaps its capability to provide clear visibility into the main causes of trouble. It closely monitors each transaction and alerts users through its sophisticated reporting method and audit trails. • Scorecarding Tracking performance in every aspect of the business process is crucial and quite challenging. Amosoft EDI BI allows businesses to do all of this in a breeze. They may also track retail partners performance. With this, business owners will be able to implement internal corrective procedures that will boost performance. Amosoft EDI BI facilitates smooth and efficient collaborative effort between all entities involved in the supply chain. This business intelligence application helps improve supply chain management through its innovative features such as determining errors in electronic transactions and evaluating performance of both the business and its partners using a scorecard. Amosoft EDI BI benefits both vendors and retailers as it allows them to strengthen supply chain relationships. Moreover, it allows both parties to gain better visibility pertaining to partner performance. What makes Amosoft EDI BI different from the other business intelligence solutions is that it encompasses the supply management process with all the solutions needed for vendors and retailers alike. However, Amosoft EDI BI is not the only system that offers EDI-related solutions. There are many other good ones out there. Web-Based EDI Web-Based EDI is a cloud-based solution. It is also an EDI vendor, and that explains why its EDI is well interfaced. What makes us unique is our capability that allows users to come up with a number of reports without the need to use any IT. We provide a comprehensive platform that delivers a suite of key enterprise-focused capabilities in just one application. With this, users are able to perform multiple tasks at once. They can integrate systems in a few minutes or hours that used to take months. Other Options Amosoft now is being able to fully integrate with the award-winning open source eCommerce platform and solutions provider Magento. This strategic move takes the company to the forefront of the open source industry. Meanwhile, we designed a solution that works for software vendors and corporate IT organizations. Our ETL is another option with capabilities that allow reduced development costs and data aggregation project risks. All these business intelligence platforms have the following common features. • ETL or Extract, Transform and Load that includes connectors for HTTP, FTP, SMS, MS SQL, Oracle and SAP. This helps make cross-system integration a lot easier. • EDI or Electronic Data Interchange that formats and converts EDI messages to XML documents and keeps them in the back office. It contains features that will simplify all EDI integration. • Governance, Risk and Compliance features include audit reporting and analysis. In addition, this feature allows users to ensure that they keep up with policy and regulatory compliance issues. • Supply Chain Event Monitoring features cover warehouse to fleet management operations. This is packed with functions that will allow effective interaction between software and hardware systems. • Business Activity Monitoring features include tools that will allow business owners to monitor and report boundary exceptions, conditions and trends.