Cross Border Security (ACE and ACI E-Manifest Solutions) – CAMIR EDI

  February 22, 2012       By Ray Atia
Shippers can rely on the benefits that are offered with the e-manifests ACE and ACI to provide a secure method for streamlining their shipments across the borders. The e-manifest EDI provides a way for shippers to provide the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) with information about their goods that are crossing the border. The CAMIR EDI provides the CBP the information about the equipment, conveyance and crew so that they can pre-screen shipments. This streamlines border crossings and makes the entire process more efficient. The ACI EDI also provides greater efficiency for recording manifests and eliminates paperwork redundancy that is currently found in border crossings. RFID technology is also found in an e-manifest, and this enables the carrier to alert the CBP when they are approaching a port of entry. This enables the information to be retrieved and will minimize wait times at border crossings. There are a host of benefits that are offered with this new technology, and carriers will be able to do the following with the implementation of an e-manifest EDI. *Carriers can create and submit their manifests and advance information about the cargo that has to cross the land border. *This will reduce the amount of time that is needed to process trucks at the borders, and will ensure maximum efficiency for the CBP and drivers. *The reports will be accessible to anyone within the organization, and this enables compliance issues to be quickly evaluated. *Carriers and their clients will be able to access real time tracking of their supply chain with the use of the ACI EDI. *Security of loads will be increased, and commercial carriers will be able to notice an improved capacity. *In bound processing is facilitated with this new technology. E-manifests are available to provide carriers with a number of benefits for cross border shipments, and this can be electronically transmitted to the CBP to minimize the long wait times at ports of entry. Real time tracking is also enabled, and clients will be able to solve their supply chain issues and know where their goods are at any time. Pre-screening is accomplished with the implementation of an e-manifest, and this will eliminate numerous problems that are associated with carriers who do business across the land borders. They will also be able to reduce the redundancy in their paper work, and the entire process of shipments will now be more efficient.