Cloud Computing EDI How come I never thought about it before

  May 08, 2013       By Ray Atia
Years from now, cloud computing could potentially become known as one of the most redefining moments of twenty first century technology. Cloud service technology has the ability to share computer resources are provided as a service across the internet. As the technology is expanded and improved upon, there is much speculation that multiple cloud communication could revolutionize the technology. While cloud computing may seem to be a modern technology, the style of time-sharing dates back almost 400 years. Larger companies had yet to implement personal computers, only big, in-house style computers were used for activities like payroll. But these powerful groups of computers that stored company-wide statistics were able to develop a style of resource sharing sometimes referred to as time-sharing, that some believe is the beginning of the cloud based sharing seen in modern technology. This in-house cloud service was capable of sharing information for growth rate formulas and graphs and could even replicate modern electronic data interchange (EDI) using a paper tape system. Birds on a wire, became a term to refer to transmission errors. Five years ago, modern cloud-service technology was just starting to develop, while most large companies had yet to see the importance of the service. was far away from the cloud-based application development platform while the now giant Amazon cloud was just in development. Currently cloud service is an exploding technology with major companies like Apple and Google offering an array of user-friendly resources through a cloud network. With the adaptability of the cloud-service technology, many members of the technology community are most hopeful for what the next five years holds for cloud-service. The technology will have better standards to allow different cloud services to communicate, while accessibility, security, and portability will all greatly improve. Widespread cloud implementation allows companies to cut expenses on software and EDI translators. The management of cloud-to-cloud communication will become the largest focus of this technology. The industry would revolutionize itself as information and resources will become easily shared and distributed. The technology that began over 40 years ago amidst the huge bulky computers is evolving with modern advances to become one of the most revolutionizing elements of computer technology.