Government EDI

EDI for the Government industry

Today, many government agencies have e-commerce sites, and just like the private sector became larger, the government agencies who uses EDI every day to request bid packages or submitting bids or invoices has increased as well. Government e-commerce sites offer many functions to supplier, manufactures and vendor in order to apply for a bid and other services required for the government. The needs for each and every government agency are different; however they all use EDI to exchange transactions between them and their trading partner. If you are a vendor, supplier, manufacture or a contractor and want to start working with the government, then you need EDI! We will set you up with EDI software so you can start and bid and exchange other type of business documents with your government and win more business, improve cash flow and boost your business volume higher. Our EDI solutions are extremely easy to use and the time it takes to set you up is very short.

Government EDI Documents

Amosoft is familiar with the Government EDI documents, and our EDI services and solutions support all of them. Our EDI integration solutions provides full integration of EDI and your ERP system. Amosoft can help with EDI integration and implementation, beginning to and End solution full custom tailored to your specific needs. For companies who have low volume of EDI documents every month we developed our Web-EDI solution. The web solution is very easy to use and has the fill and look of using an email.


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