EDI VAN Services

Introduction to EDI and its Components

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) refers to a process of exchange of business documents between two trading partners in simple, standard, structured, secured and digital form. EDI integration helps transmission of business related documents such as all types of Invoices, Purchase orders, Funds transfer receipts, Shipping bills, all financial information, etc. EDI becomes a helping hand to eliminate paper based services and system, reduce data entry efforts, and excels the business cycle.


    Components of EDI

  • Standard Document Format – Standard format is required which is as per standard technical structuring and agreed upon by both the parties.
  • Translator – Translator to convert the raw data into meaningful information as per the specification issued by the mapper.
  • Mapper – Mapper to create conversion specification.
  • Communication Software – It helps to transmit data & convert business related documents into a standard and appropriate format.
  • Communication Network – Communication network bridges between the trading parties involved in the EDI transmission. It majorly includes Modem, VAN, and Point-to-point link.

What is EDI VAN?

A value-added network (VAN) is nothing but a private - hosted service which acts as a catalyst for businesses/companies to send & receive or rather say, share data to its counterparts in a secured and reliable way. Value-added networks are the common mode of communication in order to facilitate electronic data interchange (EDI) between two individual companies/trading partners dealing with each other. Ideally, VANs are set up with audit capabilities. So, the data being exchanged is validated, and formatted appropriately before it is transferred to other party. VANs are also referred to as turnkey communications lines as well.

Unlike traditional approach, an EDI VAN (Value-Added Network) offers a B2B network of electronic data communications. It is all-together a network that includes an array of ‘value added’ services and facilitated communication protocols. EDI VAN offers seamless as well as automated communication channels between the trading partners. It also offers various formats for EDI translations. Thus, it results in proficient and effective process and management.

Scalability is key to EDI VANs.

Benefits of EDI VAN Services


    The major benefits of EDI VAN services includes:

  • Real-ime EDI messaging processing
  • Online visibility
  • Improved buyer relationship
  • Improved cash flows and faster turn around time
  • Assured product information
  • Seamless partner migration
  • Secure connectivity
  • Reduced admin process and work

Migrating Current Partners

Migration of current/existing partners to the EDI platform demands to be seamless and needs to have a proper plan and management, wherein Amosoft’s EDI expert and tailored solutions ensures the migration as expected.

Amosoft performs step by step activities such as preparing a full-proof project plan followed by set up with regards to EDI mailboxes and user IDs and finally ensures robust, secure and scalable solution through testing of the communication protocols, EDI systems and the tailored solution as a whole.


EDI VAN Offerings From Amosoft

In addition to secure communications and reliable data transfers, Amosoft’s EDI VAN services also offer the following services:

  • Full mailbox services.
  • Inspection and authentication of all EDI messages.
  • Easy data backup and recovery.
  • Authorization applied for the registered users.
  • Different types of alerts.
  • Tracking and managing of all EDI messages and workflow
  • Maintaining the integrity of data being transferred.

Value added VAN services

Apart from the solution for migrating the current partners and beyond transmitting the data in secure, reliable and accurate way, Amosoft has a set of many valuable added services such as:

  • Multiple protocol support.
  • Detail billing structure.
  • Tracking monitor for all transactions.
  • EDI translation and mapping services.
  • Free of cost interconnect services.
  • Nominal start-up costs.
  • Nominal trading partner testing.
  • 24x7 Customer support.
  • High Volume incentive pricing.

Best VAN EDI Solution Available in the Market

Amosoft’s secure, robust, scalable and reliable VAN EDI services are provided at a very reasonable or rather a business friendly prices and simple cost structure. No need for committing to a pre-determined amount of usage or getting locked into long-term contracts. There will be one simple pricing structure, which would vary just as per your actual EDI usage (and business cycle) varies.

Affordable, effectively monitored, secured, scalable and extremely reliable; Amosoft provides the next generation of EDI communications which connects with all of your trading partners easily and helps transferring data seamlessly. There are lot of methods of providing solutions. Amosoft’s VAN EDI communication methods include:

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • HTTP
  • AS1
  • AS2 / AS3

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