EDI VAN Services

EDI VAN Services

Are you looking for an internet EDI VAN service that will help you to be effortlessly linked to all of your partners?

EDI VAN Services - EDI Value Added Network

Are you looking for an internet EDI VAN service that will help you to be effortlessly linked to all of your partners? Well, Amosoft is one of the leading providers of communication to small and mid-size companies that are looking to establish a better rapport with their clientele. Another great advantage of going with Amosoft is that you will be able to grow your business care-free without having to overextend yourself with the VAN EDI. With quality services like this, you would be losing both time and money if you didn't choose Amosoft for your internet EDI VAN needs. You just cannot beat the quality service that is being provided to our customers. Going with Amosoft you will also notice that we offer our services at a price that is extremely cost efficient. The reason is because want truly want our clientele to be happy with our services. We don't just want your money like so many other companies out there on the market. We genuinely want to provide you with a service that will save you both time and money in the most efficient manner that is possible. We also like to think that we helped a business to grow in its efficiency because of us. Another great thing about the Amosoft EDI is that we also stay up to the standard that our EDI clientele expects of us. Using added value networks in order to help us establish automated customer relationships. Here at Amosoft we pride ourselves on our highly effective value added network which is useful for any customer who wants to be able to have his official documents transferred to someone else in a quick and accurate manner. It is one of the fastest and most accurate in the market. Amosoft EDIINT with our Value Added Network helps our clientele to be able to give their partners any documents that they need transferred without having to worry about what type of office application is needed to effectively read the document. This helps our customers to be able to transact with their customers in the way that their customers want to make the purchase, and this helps everyone to be able to make a little bit more money. Everyone wins when they use Amosoft, and our commitment to high standards ensures that we will not let our customers be disappointed. Another great thing about being a customer with Amosoft is that there will be no need for any software or hardware to be installed in order for you to effectively use our services. All that you need to use Amosoft is an FTP internet connection and email capabilities. As a customer of Amosoft you get to choose the solution that fits your needs. With Amosoft we try to keep everything as simple for our customers as possible. However, should you run into any problems with our services you will find that we are more than ecstatic to answer any questions that you might have at the time. Amosoft offers high quality VAN EDI services.

Real-Time EDI Message Processing

Our Value Added Network offers real time processing, fault-tolerant computer systems.

Online Visibility

Our customers have the ability to view and download files processed by Amosoft's VAN using our Web EDI portal.

EDI VAN Migration & Trading Partner Rollout

Want to switch from your current Network provider to Amosoft? We offer conversion services at no charge with the ease and flexibility to make the change seamless to your trading partners. We handle conversion of existing trading partner relationships jointly with your company. We provide a sample letter for sending to each of your trading partners, which outlines the requirements needed, if any, to migrate them from your existing Network to Amosoft. In addition, we will contact the other networks to insure a smooth transition on the appropriate date and time. After your trading partner receives the letter, they decide if they want to continue using their existing Network to interconnect data or connect directly to Amosoft. Once that determination is made, the conversion only takes a matter of minutes as the appropriate routing and communications (if needed) are set-up. On the scheduled day and time, all data to and from your company would be transmitted via Amosoft. We will verify that the other Networks have made the appropriate changes. In addition, all data communication with your trading partners is monitored and any issues (if there are any) are brought to everyone's attention.

Two EDI Production Sites

Amosoft's EDI VAN is an event-driven, real-time message processing system that has two diversely connected production sites offering the most reliable infrastructure in the industry. Both sites are available to be used daily to exchange documents between partners. We encourage all customers and their trading partners to establish connectivity to both sites with their choice of communications methods and to use both systems regularly. There are no additional costs for establishing connectivity to or using both systems. Your connectivity to both sites provides for redundant communications paths. Often a disruption in service to one site can be quickly resolved by sending the data to the other location, either utilizing the same communication method utilizing a different path, or utilizing a back-up communication method.

24 x 7 EDI Customer Service

We offer 24x7x365 customer service with all level-3 support. Simply call us at (310) 862-4259 or email us at support@amosoft.com to receive the best customer service in the business. Our customer service staff takes a proactive approach in contacting customers if an error occurs. All systems are monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days per year. Any issues discovered by the automated monitoring software are reported to hot screens in Recover for immediate resolution by customer support staff. Notification of errors can also be sent to your designated personnel via email or fax based on customer-defined criteria.

Connectivity Options

Amosoft's EDI VAN offers the greatest number of communication methods in the industry. From EDIINT including AS2 and AS3 to FTP and everything in-between. We offer you the widest possible range of connectivity methods. We also eliminate the complexities of exchanging data between different platforms. You and your partners simply send and receive data in your preferred method and we will resolve any differences in communication or connectivity.


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