EDI Integration Services

Amosoft's EDI solutions can integrate with any accounting software. We have ready-to-go EDI integration solutions for the most popular ERP and accounting software, such as QuickBooks, SAP Business One.

Introduction to EDI and EDI Integration

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) refers to a process of exchange of business documents between two trading partners in simple, standard, structured, secured and digital form. EDI integration helps transmission of business-related documents such as all types of Invoices, Purchase orders, Funds transfer receipts, Shipping bills, all financial information, etc. Automated EDI service becomes the warrior to eliminate paper-based services and system, reduce data entry efforts, and excels the business cycle.

The process of setting up a complete and efficient EDI workflow between trading partners is nothing but EDI integration. It covers many major aspects like:

  • Trading partners – With the help of EDI, with whom are you exchanging the business documents is very important.
  • Endpoints at both the ends – To send, receive and process, the data over EDI, what all IT systems and services (ERP, Logistics, etc) are needed is important aspect to be considered.
  • EDI documents and transactions – What all data/information needs to be exchanged with the trading partners is also an important aspect for setting the flow.
  • EDI standards – EDI documents are to be transferred but which format is to be followed is to be decided beforehand and that is important to have a standard format.
  • EDI Protocols – What all technological parameters is to be considered and is to be used is also important.

To set up a smooth EDI workflow, one needs to define all the above important aspects beforehand and then set up a system with the help of the best EDI software/technology for the specific workflow.

Benefits of EDI Integration Services

EDI integration can deliver core business benefits like:

Time and Money saver

It helps to automate a process in replacement of the process till time which was executed manually and with hard-bound paper documents.

Reduction of Errors

The standardization of EDI helps to ensure that data/information is correctly formatted in a structured and standard way before it enters business processes and/or applications from the senders end and reaches at the partners end. Along-with proper formatting, it should be error-free.

Improves traceability

EDI helps to improve traceability as Electronic documents are most often integrated with a variety of IT systems to support data sending and collection, visibility and analysis of the information/documents been exchanged.

Promotes positive & satisfactory customer experiences

Enables efficient transaction & provides smooth and positive user experience which thereafter tends for a reliable service delivery.

Improves efficiency

Big amount of business documents are processed and that too efficiently.

Improves productivity

Heavy data can be processed in secure way and that too in very less amount of time.

Introduction to Amosoft and Our EDI Services

Use our api Use our api

Amosoft offers EDI Integration Solutions to businesses of all size. It provides a scalable, accurate, secured and most efficient EDI integration solution to meet all sort of business needs. We have a very business friendly EDI solution for all sort of businesses like eCommerce, Retail, etc. Amosoft is expert in building a EDI solution for your business by providing a platform for the business to grow smoothly and exponentially.

Using our in-depth and rich experience of EDI integration solutions, we have designed a managed service solution which can be tailored to meet all the minute requirements of all sort of business needs. For all kind of business, internal departments, and customers, sales order automation is a step towards greater productivity and that is one of the important aspects. If you want to learn more about how you can apply these benefits to your business, schedule an appointment with Amosoft to discuss your requirement and tailor-up the solution in a better way.

What Amosoft offers you for your business?

  • Our EDI Integration experts can transform EDI messages into a combination of different files and formats of XML, flat files, & databases
  • Amosoft is having a very good market expertise in managing trading partners to enable EDI transactions - using standard EDI formatting and latest methods.
  • We help in processing all types of EDI documents for real-time connectivity to all the trading partners of your businesses.
  • Our EDI Integration services help to streamline and speed up integration between sellers, vendors, and suppliers.
  • Amosoft offers EDI-XML integration with full support for partner configuration and management.
  • We also have solutions wherein we support and empower all Non-EDI trading partners of your businesses, to integrate data without IT support.
  • We help you to drastically lower your total cost of ownership of a B2B solution via managed service providers and VANs (value-added networks).
  • We provide end-to-end automation of your B2B processes by directly integrating to your as well as trading partners internal applications and also offer robust support for data transfer options.
  • We use and provide a business user-friendly approach that allows analysts at your organization to execute self-service integration without IT support; however, we do provide tech support throughout.
  • We automate all complicated workflows.

Amosoft’s EDI/B2B Solutions & Services

  • B2B API integration
  • B2B Partner Onboarding
  • B2B Integration Architecture
  • B2B Integration Strategy
  • Trading Partner Management
  • Solutions on all industry specific standards
  • Support trading partner communication
  • B2B managed services amongst the partners

"AMOSOFT, with its tailored EDI solutions, ensures the exponential expansion of your business with!!"

Why Amosoft for EDI Integration Services?

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100% Success guaranteed

After the integration process, we carry out extensive checking on all EDI transactions. Before going live and starting to exchange data with your business partners, we work closely with you to make sure all transactions are fully working and interacting with your systems correctly. Our validation process goes through every EDI transaction document to ensure it follows the required standards and version requirements.

Moving your data from one system to another

If you need to move your data over from your old system to a new one, we will handle all EDI changes for you. We will import your EDI transactions, start sending and receiving transactions to and from the new software package, undertake data transfer and integrate our plug-ins to connect to your software to have you up and running in no time.

Use our api
Use our api

New Trading Partner?

If you need to setup a new trading partner for sending and receiving EDI transaction, we will help you setup the translation maps from your new partner and get you ready to start doing electronic business with them quickly. The bottom line is that we offer the best EDI intesgration services in the market. We are flexible and easy to work with. Working with Amosoft EDI solutions will save you time and money because we will do everything needed to have you up and running and EDI compatible. Leave the EDI technical issues and setup worries to us and give yourselves the freedom to focus on doing business with your clients.

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