EDI for Suppliers

Amosoft ensures services to Suppliers, with automated EDI solutions, to gain access as well as improvise the whole Supply Chain ecosystem.

Don’t let EDI be an obstacle on your way to Omnichannel

We know, EDI can be complicated sometime for suppliers who needs to implement EDI with their retailers. After all, connecting to multiple retailers at once, than maintaining accurate inventory updates can be a challenge and this is exactly why we are here, to help you with all these challenges.

Smart and flexible platform to enable growth

A smart and flexible platform for suppliers, enabling management of full processes from one system to another, using all common EDI standards. Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables suppliers to conduct a broad range of business transactions, including: Sending or receiving orders, shipments, invoices, etc.

Complete and compliant EDI system with powerful and robust backbone

Our EDI for supplier’s solution enable suppliers of all sizes to start using EDI. The idea is to have you start exchanging EDI transactions electronically and by that to reduce typing errors, time and save you money. Since our EDI for suppliers has a web-based interface, it enables suppliers who don't have EDI capabilities to start send and receive EDI transactions immediately. It also let the user import and export excel files, so integration with existing accounting software is easy. Our team will help you create excel file just the way you want it in order to import these files directly to your accounting software.

Fully managed EDI solution for suppliers who needs to focus on their supply chain environment

No additional programming is needed, so our EDI supplier’s solution will reduce your total cost of EDI implementation. We support all types of EDI transaction set, including purchase orders (850/875), invoices (810/880), advance ship notices (856), etc. We will map, translate and verify all of your EDI transactions exchange smoothly and accurately. We will take care of all your EDI needs and request, and if changes needed we will do that as well and we will let you know about it. Our solution include updates and upgrade, so you don't have to worry about new versions coming out or to change the way you send the document to each and every one of your trading partners.

Get more business by Outsourcing your EDI

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