Grocery EDI

Grocers are the end points wherein Amosoft, with it's EDI solution, enriches - enhances & strengthens them.

EDI for Retailers

EDI for the Grocery Industry

The grocery industry uses EDI for over thirty years. The goal for the Grocery Industry was to cut back the paperwork that was used in order to do business between trading partners. The EDI standard used by the Retail industry called UCS (Uniform Communication Standard) and it was released to the Retail industry in 1982. Currently, EDI is widespread in the Retail Industry and EDI documents are being sent and received from all over the world using communication vehicle such as EDIINT (EDI over the Internet), AS2 (Applicable Statement 2) which is a secure method of transferring data between two trading partners who want to do business together.

Amosoft is familiar with the Retail EDI documents, and our EDI services and solutions support all of them. Our EDI integration solutions provides full integration of EDI and your ERP system. Amosoft can help with EDI integration and implementation, beginning to and End solution full custom tailored to your specific needs. For companies who have low volume of EDI documents every month we developed our Web-EDI solution. The web solution is very easy to use and has the fill and look of using an email.

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