AS2 Software

AS2 Software

AS2 is a method for exchanging data between two business partners. AS2 is a method for exchanging data (usually EDI transactions) securely and reliably between two business partners without having a third-party involved (such as a VAN).

Why use AS2?

Companies use AS2 for 2 reasons. By definition, AS2 ensures that the EDI transactions are secure and that it was sent reliably. Because the definition of the AS2 specification mandates the use of MDNs which is short for Message Disposition/Delivery Notification (i.e. receipt of transactions) partners can know that their trading partner received their data. Likewise, because the specification defines the use of signing and encrypting, partners can rest assured that their data is safe. It removes "the middle man". Historically EDI data was sent using Value Added Networks (VANs). VANs are an added cost that is eliminated when business partners are able to exchange directly with each other.

AS2 Software

Amosoft AS2 Software has powerful and intuitive user interface makes AS2 communications easy, without sacrificing flexibility. Based on our observations, usability became a prime factor in the design of AS2 Complete. Easy to set up and simple to monitor. Full logging ensures that every detail of communications is recorded for future review. Every step, from the moment a transfer begins, to the receipt of the delivery, is logged, ensuring that a complete forensic review of transmission history is fast and easy. The AS2 log viewer supports options such as grouping, and sorting to help you quickly find the information you're looking for. You can even print the logs for permanent archival. With built-in certificate management, much of the complexity associated with encryption and signing are managed for you. You no longer need to load certificates into your server's certificate store before they can be used in your application. The AS2 software manages the entire process, including generating new certificates.

AS2 characteristics

Secure transport (https / SSL) Signature (RSA, ElGamal) Encryption (RSA, THE IDEA) Data Compression Synchronous and asynchronous receipt (MDN) Repudiation of message origin and receiving Convenient administration of partner relations Message conversion of in-house partner in a specific format and vice versa, if necessary. Support of all relevant formats (EDI, XML, CSV, flat file, SAP IDOC, etc.)

Benefits of Amosoft AS2 Software

Reduction of communication costs: Reduce the cost of using the VAN services and charges for telephone calls to VANs, or directly with business partners. Return-on-investment, depending on the level of the VAN-cost within a few months. Acceleration of information flow along the processes: Real-time and event-driven transfer of documents via AS2-based point-to-point links directly to the partner. Increase of data security and protection: Ensure a high data protection through encryption of data and direct data exchange without the interposition of a VANs. An unauthorized reading or modification of the data is not possible. Low implementation costs: Easy installation and configuration of solution. Communication relationships with partners can be defined simply and conveniently, more partners can be added quickly. Long-term investment: On the basis of the BIS, other communication standards such as Web Services are operated in parallel with AS2 and extended at any time. AS2 is available as a supplement to an existing BIS implementation or as a stand-alone solution.


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