Amosoft provides a complete, integrated end-to-end EDI solution with Sage.Cut costs, increase efficiency and boost your business by using Sage EDI Implementation.


What's Unique about Sage Products Amosoft Integrations?

The Amosoft Integration Gateway for Sage products is the only integration that connects you not only with your EDI customers and suppliers, but also with your storefront and marketplace.

A Sage Amosoft integration supports inbound XML or CSV files and is capable of converting PDF documents into your Sage system.

Using the Amosoft Integration Gateway replaces multiple integrations from multiple providers and saves you the costs and resources associated with these other solutions, allowing you to do business in every direction!

Key Benefits of Integrating Sage with Amosoft

  • Includes access to free Trading Partner Maps that are updated automatically.
  • Reduces or eliminates manual entry, reducing expensive reverse charges.
  • Increases productivity without increasing employees.
  • Reduces your total ownership costs by 30% to 50%.
  • Enable business systems or accounting software to be changed or upgraded without interrupting your entire EDI solution.

Our Sage EDI service supports :

Sales/Purchase Order

Order Acknowledgement


Advanced Shipping Notice

Delivery Note

Sales & Inventory Report


Remote Warehouse Integration Adds a New Level of Productivity

A full inclusion of distant warehouses, including incoming orders, allows you to interact more effectively with logistic suppliers from third parties. When the Transaction Manager generates outbound ASNs from your inbound deliveries, orders can be built up even quicker to eliminate the need to display or re-enter information.

Inbound delivery papers, including parcel information, can be produced while the lot and serial numbers are updated automatically. Saving time

EDI in the Cloud for Sage 100

Our pre-built solution makes it easy for your Sage 100cloud ERP system to integrate electronic order transactions. Our solution provides support for most popular and common accounting documents, including purchase orders, invoices, credit adjustments, and more.

Amosoft's web-based EDI Solutions with Sage 100 makes it easy and affordable to meet the EDI requirements of your trading partners while increasing automation and reducing manual data entry and expensive loadbacks.

The Amosoft Platform provides the peace of mind that comes from selecting a solution that delivers unparalleled scalability and robust functionality.


Flexible, Customizable, Fully Integrated Solution

Our web-based EDI solution supports both sales and purchasing
integration for Sage 100 along with these features

Selling orders, purchasing orders, sending and invoicing transactions (3PL) and receiving-of-goods.

Easy handling of the selection and packaging, normal no-pack and integrated ASNs.

The built-in auto package feature promotes the automation of package deliveries using customer-specific versatile auto-pack alternatives.

With the click of a button, automatically package pure-carton and mixed-carton shipments (based on pack quantity or item weight) according to pre-set auto pack rules.

Create and pack various deliveries simultaneously with the automation function for the delivery.

Fully automated transformation of your business processes

Amosoft Transaction Manager™ Makes EDI Painless

For streamlining and automating sales order processing, Transaction Manager, the web-based EDI translator on our Trading Partner Platform, can be quickly integrated with Sage 100. With versatile setup choices, our intuitive interface enables you to maximise effectiveness and almost eliminate time-consuming manual information entry, and improve your vendor scorecard.

We also provide no-cost, unlimited U.S. support, free updates of mapping, no hidden maintenance or network fees, and no annual contract. Look at how your transactions can be accelerated by our EDI solution.

Amosoft’s software and transaction manager integration EDI is just component of the Trading Partner platform, providing a comprehensive, end-to-end EDI solution from one source when coupled with continuous assistance and specialist facilities.


Built-in process controls Reduce errors.

Integrated process controls guarantee integrity of information by warning you of invalid areas and exceptions before you send out operations. Built-in process controls With our automated safeguards, recharge back is eliminated and time consumption reduced.

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