Rally House EDI Integration

Amosoft provides complete service for API & Rally House EDI Integration. The most effective EDI and eCommerce solution enables EDI functionality for all users.

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rally house edi integration

What is Rally House EDI Integration?

Is Rally House your retail trading partner? With Amosoft, you can automate your workflow, process orders in less time, and eliminate costly errors.

Establish a connection with Rally House immediately to quickly and efficiently fulfil orders. Amosoft provides a solution that is affordable, simple to use, and reliable. It will allow you to become EDI compliant and capable with Rally House in a short amount of time. Amosoft offers an EDI and eCommerce solution that is user-friendly, powerful, hosted in the cloud, and scalable to meet your business's requirements. Amosoft functions as your electronic data interchange (EDI) department and ensures that you are always in compliance by adhering to Rally House's EDI specifications.

Amosoft's EDI services for Rally House maintain compliance, reduce time and do system integration

Amosoft supports the following Rally house EDI integration:

  • Purchase Order (EDI 850)
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment (EDI 855)
  • Advance Ship Notice (EDI 856)
  • Invoice (EDI 810)
  • Item Inventory (EDI 846)
  • Functional Acknowledgment (EDI 997)

In addition, the following features are available:

Taking Care of the Inventory of Items

Pick Tickets

VICS Bill of Lading Document

Custom Trading Partner Packing Slip

Data Import and Export in a Variety of Formats (XML, CSV, Flat File, etc.)

Validation of Documents Directly on the Screen

What are the benefits of Rally House Integration from Amosoft?

  • Amosoft provides Rally House Integration that is reasonably priced, straightforward, uncomplicated, and user-friendly.
  • With this integration, you can process and fulfil orders, ensuring that they are delivered on time.
rally house edi integration

Why Amosoft for Rally House EDI Integration Services?

When exchanging electronic business documents with ERP / Accounting Packages and e-Commerce Platforms, our fully integrated EDI Connectivity Solutions for Rally House eliminates the need to re-key data.

Amosoft comes with fully EDI Connectivity solutions for Rally House that connect clients with their ERP / Accounting Packages and Third-Party Logistics Centre (3PLs), facilitating the transmission of hundreds of business documents such as Purchase Orders, Invoices, Inventory Feeds, Advanced Shipping Notices, and more.

Our EDI Connectivity solutions are 100% built and maintained by Amosoft developers. This enables fully customizable and flexible solutions, allowing clients to grow as their businesses do.

Connect to Rally House using any communication method such as FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, AS2, VAN, and many more. We are the gateway that connects clients to global expansion.

Consider becoming a Partner with AMOSOFT Solutions to

Connect, Integrate, and Automate Your Business Processes, While Growing Your Enterprise with Rally House

Quick Setup

EDI Implementation complete turnkey solution preconfigured to meet the needs of trading partners.

Easy to Apply in Practice

There is no requirement for EDI training or technical staff.


To each of your Business Collaborators through a centralized online portal.


Rally House can be integrated with ANY Application, including FedEx, ShipStation, UPS, QuickBooks, and any ERP/WMS system.


At Amosoft, we offer access to the Cloud-Based portal so you can check all the details from anywhere in the world.


24/7 Reliability Interruptions are rendered impossible by the fully redundant architecture.

Join Amosoft EDI Network Connect and Automate Rally House EDI System Integration

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