EDI for Newegg

Newegg is expanding marketplace based in the USA, which is specialized both in the technological and consumer marketplaces. Newegg supplies over 10 million computer and software products, including camera devices, electronics, furniture, jewelry, watches, sports and much more. With our automated platform, vendors can execute orders, deliver to customers or use our fully automatic drop ship solution.


Why select your reliable EDI service supplier, Amosoft.

  • An EDI group with comprehensive expertise in multi-industry has been created for Amosoft EDI Services. From tiny startup to a big, worldwide company we can offer a versatile alternative that satisfies every business ' requirements.
  • You are welcome to choose from a range of other options – VAN only / communication, standalone Web EDI or embedded Cloud EDI.
  • Our EDI VAN and servers are quick and safe. We have 24/7 operational employees to track and make sure all is working correctly.
  • No installation software. To process and monitor your EDI operations, you can use our cloud-based alternatives. All you need is an online link and a desktop laptop.

Advantages of our Newegg solution

Fast and efficient integration and implementation

Pre-built EDI solutions, independent from the volume of your transaction, allow for a smooth transition to EDI.

We are going to be your EDI service

Amosoft is a fully-fledged EDI Department that handles all changes in your system so you can carry on as usual.

Quick, free setup of the software

All you need is a computer to immediately process EDI-compliant instructions. We offer you scalable and exponentially expanding solutions as your business evolves.

Accuracy in the top quality with support 24/7.

Get assistance at all times by telephone, live chat, email, as you like. We are always available to you.

Meets all needs of the retailer

Our pre-mapped links are ready for all e-commerce types. We are going to build it if we don't have the map.

Get full visibility of the supply chain

Make choices based on more comprehensive and precise information than ever before. Check in full real time how operations flow into and out of your company.

Amosoft EDI solutions for Newegg

Newegg EDI Solution is provided by Amosoft, making it easy for you to comply with EDI. This means that you can concentrate on improving your business while the complexities of EDI Compliance, EDI testing and production assistance are handled by our company.

The minimum required to start your journey towards EDI compliance is an electronic address and an active Internet connection, depending on the complexity of the project. The services provided by the Amosoft are designed to meet the provider's needs and to meet Newegg's rigorous test scope.


Required Transaction Sets for Newegg EDI Solutions

EDI 850- Purchase Order

The EDI 850 is an orders transaction set for placing an order for goods or services. In the case of a paper order document (PO), the EDI 850 generally provides the same information as that available

EDI 856-Ship Notice/Manifest

More frequently, the EDI 856 transaction is known as the EDI Advance Ship Notice and EDI ASN. It is used to inform another trading partner electronically of the shipment's content. It will be shipped in advance to the plant of the other trading partner.

Use our wholly built and licensed eCommerce solution on Newegg

For a broad range of EDI trading associates, Amosoft has created pre-configured alternatives. Our EDI solution promotes all the paper kinds that Newegg requires and ensures that you meet their needs. We carry out conformity inspection and setup with Newegg in manufacturing.

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