Barnes & Noble Integration

As the biggest librarian and leading material, electronic media and education company, the company has over 630 US locations and a major e-commerce site.Barnes & Noble works primarily through its Barnes & Noble Booksellers chain and its office is located on 122 Fifth Avenue in ManhattanDistrict in New York City.


Amosoft EDI solutions for Barnes & Noble

In order to expertly handle Barnes and Noble supplier specifications, Amosoft has a proven record of establishing retail contacts.

Suppliers choose Amosoft to deal with accordance with Barnes and Noble EDI for better orders and quicker deliveries, while decreasing the amount of resources wasted on entry and error considerably.

Use our embedded, licensed eCommerce solution to sell on Barnes & Noble

  • With our automatic platform, customer orders can be exchanged, or our completely automated dropship system can also be used.
  • Amosoft is a long-lasting solution that makes it one of the simplest EDI technologies internet.
  • You will receive notification from our inexpensive service via e-mail. Just go to the blog, print your tags, submit notifications and submit your invoices.
  • This integrated automation will save you time on your daily processing so that you can concentrate on expanding your company.
  • The software as a service offered by Amosoft provides you an advantage over the ever evolving demands of compliance without the difficulty of doing so yourself.

Barnes & Noble EDI required Transactions sets


EDI 850- Purchase Order


EDI 856- Ship Notice/Manifest

Advantages of our Barnes & Noble Solution

  • 1

    Affordable level-based, pay only for what you use.

  • 2

    No patented software or technical knowledge is required for Simple and Intuitive Interface.

  • 3

    Connect all your trading partners with Amosoft EDI facilities via a single web-based gateway.

  • 4

    Automate your supply chain by merging it seamlessly into any ERP, QuickBook billing or delivery scheme like FedEx or UPS.

  • 5

    Cloud-based infrastructure offers complete access from anywhere with Internet contact to any necessary EDI paper.

Features we provide in our EDI service

  • When new documents arrived in your mailing box, auto Email alerts will indicate.
  • Defaults in custom paper minimize information re-keeping and reduce expensive mistakes.
  • Checks customer access to information and reaction papers are provided by User permissions.
  • On both Mac and PC, cross-platform performs excellent on your desktop selection.
  • The Advanced Ship Notice Catalog Management System simplifies the order method and automates the (EDI 856).

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