Managing Trading Partners

Managing Trading Partners

We will be coordinating with your business partners.

Managing Trading Partners

We will be coordinating with your business partners. We'll handle all aspects of EDI technical coordination with them, including setting up and working with any new suppliers or customers, respond to inquiries, and ensure that all requirements are met, including updates. Amosoft can run your entire daily EDI operation to ensure the constant, accurate flow of your inbound and outbound EDI data. It is all under the management of a team of EDI experts who understand how to maintain EDI systems for best results. We will translate your inbound and outbound EDI data, supporting virtually any type of file, including EDI, XML, flat files, delimited and fixed length, and even direct integration with ODBC-compliant data sources. Amosoft will handle the task of mapping your EDI data to your internal system. We can support most ERP/accounting systems, including SAP, JD Edwards, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV/GP/SL, and more. Amosoft provides a secure environment, redundant systems, data backup and recovery plans to minimize loss or downtime from system failure, fraud or disaster.


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