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Shopify Gets Simple

Seamless Shopify Integration

We provide simple and practical software for your
expanding and successful Shopify business.

Gain positive results with smooth and steady Shopify integration

It is exciting that your Shopify orders have an upward trend. But if it is using up too much of your important time and you are having difficulty to cope with organizing and controlling these orders, understanding and dealing with your Shopify transactions is necessary. You should be able to consolidate this increasing platform within your internal structure.

A gateway that links your online store, internally and externally, is by integrating our software with Shopify plug-ins.
Other benefits of this are:
  • obtain orders from Shopify into Quickbooks or other accounting software
  • integrate Shopify with your API
  • receive all orders within a simple and continuous method

With EDI, we take care of managing your orders resulting to a balanced increase in products and profit to your online store through Shopify.


Organize your Shopify Orders

Different actions in eCommerce originate from orders. Our EDI comes in to ensure that the succeeding transactions like inventory, receiving, packaging and shipping of orders or fulfilments, with other intermediaries that are directly involved with your online store through Shopify, to progress smoothly and accurately.

companies. Our software allows the transfer of important information to your labels, reducing time and preventing possible errors in handling your shipments, whether it is direct to a customer or for a substantial number of orders to different location. Our efficient gateway gives you the opportunity to oversee and manage the whole eCommerce process.

Worry no more with our simple and
practical EDI integration

It is always exciting to have an increasing sales hand-in-hand with the development of easy methods in running an eCommerce business. Amosoft offers an easy, effective and profitable EDI integration that is specially made for the trade partners within your company.

Shopify EDI

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