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An online store is likely dependent on a developing client base for its main source of business. To maintain loyal customers and get them to endorse you, it is important to ship orders promptly and on schedule. A fast and automated transfer of data of online orders with your eCommerce business is needed.

Amosoft integration programme allows two-way data exchange with your Shopify store and among your trade partners without having the need to manually rekey data. This cuts expensive and damaging mistakes by removing potential human error.


connect shopify

  • organize orders and customer data instantly to your accounting packages and other major ERPs
  • transmit back to Shopify important information like shipment and tracking details and progress of order
  • match available product listing from your business system to your Shopify store
  • transfer of important information to your shipment labels with the use of different multinational package delivery and supply chain management companies
  • customize product information and pricing with your Shopify store and other platforms

Expanded automation reduces handling time in shipments and takes advantage of the most cost-effective manner possible without added staffing while still ensuring business tasks and activities to efficiently progress and bring about contented and happy customers and accomplish business target.

Our EDI integration for Shopify can normally operate as fast as possible to speed up the value of time in your business. Amosoft software provides inexpensive, web-based automation for a reasonable and stable monthly price.

Make the Most Out of the New Developments in Supply Network

Amosoft successfully connects your online business and system, eCommerce companies like Amazon and platforms like Shopify and your other trade partners. Amosoft’s automated tools links you to major retailers, facilitate EDI agreements with key customers, distributors and Third Party Logistics, streamline advanced order process, improve the management of information required to market and sell products through digital sales channels and automate the receiving, processing and delivering of orders to end customers.

Let Amosoft shape your future. Go paperless. Start an integration project and
enable new types of digital innovation and creativity for your business.
EDI for Shopify

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