Retail EDI

Retail EDI

With our EDI solutions for retailers, we focus on the needs specific to the retail industry. That's why every day we are in communication with over 200 contacts at the largest retailers.

EDI for Retailers

Driven by competitive demands to lower prices while maintaining margins, larger retailers have been constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and drive more efficiency in the way that they process business documents to and from their supply chain. Larger retailers such as Wal-Mart & Costco have implemented approache to the implementation of supply chain automation. One of the key initiatives has been the implementation of the electronic transfer of business documents (Purchase Orders (PO), Invoices and Advanced Shipment Notifications primarily) using the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards to/from their supply chain partners. The implementation of EDI for these largest retailers has been very time consuming and costly but in the end has yielded significant processing cost savings as they were able to force all of their suppliers to trade via EDI with them.

Small and mid-sized Retailers

For the small to mid-sized retailer who haven't implemented EDI, the implementation of EDI by their larger competitors presents threats and benefits. The obvious threat is that the larger retailers are gaining a significant cost advantage by reducing their processing cost for their supply chain. As larger retailers seek to increase their market share, they are able to reduce their cost of doing business which increases their advantages over their smaller retail competitors. As Wal-Mart has implemented all of their suppliers to do EDI, the non-EDI retailer can take their experience and implement their supplier base quicker and more efficiently than their larger competitors as their suppliers already understand the value of implementing EDI.

At Amosoft, we know the Retail business

With Amosoft EDI solutions for retailers, we focus on the needs specific to the retail industry. That's why every day we are in communication with over 200 contacts at the largest retailers. When requirements change, we get updates within hours. This assures our customers of compliant EDI transactions. When partnered with Amosoft for your EDI, you can focus on your business, knowing the smallest of your EDI details are taken care of.

Saving you money

At Amosoft, we know the retail EDI business. We have developed processes that maximize EDI efficiency because over the past ten years we have analyzed every EDI transaction component many times. Knowing that, we have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Web-Based EDI portal for retailers

Amosoft EDI solution for Retailers has a Web-Based EDI portal that lets retailers exchange EDI transactions over the web, without the need for any configuration or setup. The EDI transactions are sent directly to our servers from your suppliers. You can then see them when you log in to your account on our web site in a specially built application, designed to be friendly and easy to use by anyone. We act as an EDI bridge between you the retailer, and your suppliers or other business partners, by taking care of your outgoing EDI transactions and sending incoming EDI transactions back to you. Our web site displays the EDI transactions in a form-like structure which is easy to read and understand. We help you find the correct form design that fits your needs. Each transaction type (i.e. 850, 810, 875, 880), has a different form. Once the form has been decided on, we attach it to your account. Being flexible and easy to work with is our expertise. With Amosoft, you can send and receive EDI transactions over the web. We process everything on our servers and leave you to use the documents in your business just as you would any other document. For example, you can print the transaction (i.e. Purchase Order) or export it to an Excel file, ready for importing to your ERP system. Similarly, if your ERP system has an export option to Excel, you can import transactions from the Excel file to our system.


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