Utility EDI

EDI for the Utility industry

Today, many companies are a trading partner of utilities, including manufacturers, distributors, energy suppliers, customers, and banks, and almost all companies can improve their business processes through the use of EDI.  The Utility Industry Group is a voluntary, none profit, industry action group dedicated to the advancement of EDI within the Utility Industry. The UIG created subset for the X12 standard which includes EDI transactions that are most common when exchanging documents between the utilities and their business partners. The UIG promotes and encourages the usage of national standards for EDI, in order to promote the growth and timely implementation of electronic transactions in the utility industry.

Common Utility EDI transactions are listed here

248 account assignment/inquiry and service/status 650 maintenance service order 810 invoice 820 payment order/remittance advice 840 request for quotation 843 response to request for quotation 850 purchase order 855 purchase order acknowledgment 865 purchase order change acknowledgment/request 856 ship notice/manifest 860 purchase order change request

Utility EDI Documents

Amosoft is familiar with the Utility EDI documents, and our EDI services and solutions support all of them. Our EDI integration solutions provides full integration of EDI and your ERP system. Amosoft can help with EDI integration and implementation, beginning to and End solution full custom tailored to your specific needs. For companies who have low volume of EDI documents every month we developed our Web-EDI solution. The web solution is very easy to use and has the fill and look of using an email.


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