Educational EDI

EDI for the Educational industry

With EDI, universities and schools can exchange documents such as transcripts between each other. Our EDI Integration will enable any university and school to create transfer transcripts to their trading partners. Amosoft EDI educator software will save educational organizations time and typing errors and speed the process of new applicant trying to apply for special school programs that universities and schools are offering. With just a click on a button you can submit your transcript out and responds quickly to students requests, helping them with the enrolling process.

Common Educational EDI transactions

130 Student Educational Record (Transcript) 131 Student Educational Record (Transcript) Acknowledgment 132 Human Resource Information 133 Educational Institution Record 135 Student Aid Origination Record 138 Educational Testing and Prospect Request and Report 139 Student Loan Guarantee Result 144 Student Loan Transfer and Status Verification 146 Request for Student Educational Record (Transcript) 147 Response to Request for Student Educational Record (Transcript) 188 Educational Course Inventory 189 Application for Admission to Educational Institutions 190 Student Enrollment Verification 191 Student Loan Pre-Claims and Claims 194 Grant or Assistance Application

Educators EDI Documents

Amosoft is familiar with the Educational EDI documents, and our EDI services and solutions support all of them. Our EDI integration solutions provides full integration of EDI and your ERP system. Amosoft can help with EDI integration and implementation, beginning to and End solution full custom tailored to your specific needs. For companies who have low volume of EDI documents every month we developed our Web-EDI solution. The web solution is very easy to use and has the fill and look of using an email.


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