Walmart EDI Solutions

Walmart is a well known discount department store that serves customers all over the world. 
Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, making it one the most popular partners our customers want to become EDI compliant with. The company operates over 11,000 stores offering and has approximately 2.2 million employees.
Walmart offers a wide assortment of products including apparel, footwear and operates as a discount store, supercenter, supermarket, and warehouse club. 
With Walmart's huge presence and brand, suppliers want to get their product on the shelves of. 
To do that, electronic data interchange is incredibly important, but can be a complicated process for small businesses and suppliers. 
Amosoft specializes EDI integration to Walmart for you so you can quickly and easily make your company EDI compliant with Walmart.
EDI documents are communicated using the encrypted protocol AS/2 (Applicability Statement 2). 
The following EDI document types and labels are necessary by Walmart and have been completely tested by Amosoft for precise compliance with Walmart’s EDI qualifications.

EDI Solution for Walmart

The EDI X12 850 transaction set is a Purchase Order document. Each X12 850 Purchase Order can be used to create new Purchase Order document that will be sent later on to the trading partner. We, at Amosoft, can create an X12 850 Purchase Order. By creating an X12 850 Purchase Order you will save time and money and you will benefits from preventing typing errors! That's the big plus on creating new X12 850 Purchase Order document. Using X12 850 Purchase Order can automate your business process and help you increase your revenues. We not only offer the X12 850 Purchase Order, but we also offer the 810 Invoice as complementary solution that you might need. Turn-Around X12 850 Purchase Order into a X12 810 Invoice is just another great way help your business grow and get where you want it to be. The X12 997 transaction set we generate against every X12 850 Purchase Order and is free and you can generate as many Ack. as you wants, we won't charge you. Same goes for using X12 850 Purchase Order.


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