Winning Shopify competition with EDI integration

  March 12, 2019       By Galia Ben Harouch
Winning Shopify competition with EDI integration

E-commerce had truly changed the world. There is a daily increase in the number of people who take to doing their shopping online and the number of platforms dedicated to offering those products to helping them spend money.
E-commerce platforms have become a major attraction for millions of entrepreneurs from all over the world. People who might never even consider becoming merchants, suddenly become successful online sellers, managing businesses they never dreamed they could.
In that sense, Shopify can be considered a game changer, and EDI Integration is the bonus level that makes you skip a stage.

Let's take a look at Shopify. The creators of Shopify recognized the potential in the ambitions of others. They realized that sellers don't want to be subjected to so many rules anymore. Many of them prefer running their store in their own way. Shopify gave them a place to do it.

Like all things that are good, it grew fast and created competition. 
Other players came in with tools that made drop shipping so much easier than before and turned managing a huge store with hundreds of products, into a common standard issue. 

In the past, if you wanted to sell something using a drop-shipper, you had to at least chat with him and close the basic terms of working together. But not anymore. You can now sell products from hundreds of different sellers and have no contact with any of them what so ever. 

All of that and more is only possible due to programs and tools that automate most of the process, if not all of it. 
But what about the rest of your business? Who automated it? Who takes care of every detail, making sure everything is working and updated on time? 

Answer: EDI does! 

It's true that with the tools available today, anyone can become an online Shopify seller and even a successful one in very low prices.
Every day there's a growing number of people around the globe who realize that, and some of them represent competition for your business. They are fighting you for the attention and the wallets of your customers. 

This is where EDI can give you the competitive edge.
EDI can take the gaps in your business and seal them with integration and automation. Gaps are stages in your work process that you might have taken for granted, thinking: "everybody does it this way, so I have to too" - but that kind of thinking is exactly what's holding you back. 

Whether it's transferring orders manually, ordering stocks, collecting your customers' emails and copying them into an auto-responder program, or even issuing invoices for your sales - you must have at least one place (usually more) where you're doing unnecessary work. 

You do it because you still haven't found a program that'll do it for you, and you're not going to find one. What you need is a custom solution for your gaps, saves you time and redirects you to growing your sales. What you need is EDI.

Amosoft is specialize in locating those gaps in your system and create the necessary integrations that will set you free. Once you'll learn the possibilities of EDI, you'll be able to pin that gas pedal to the floor and race forward, past your competitors, all the way to the finish line.