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Automate your "Shipped By Merchant" Amazon Business with EDI

July 10, 2018| by Galia Ben Harouch
Becoming a "Shipped By Merchant" Amazon seller, means you have to make some adjustment in your business to comply with Amazon's regulations. Learn how EDI can help you Automate your shipping processes without having to feed information manually, thus lowering the chance for error and maximizing customer service. 
 If you are a merchant based in the US, then you must already have a warehouse and shipping system. So when you want to start selling your products on Amazon, there's really no reason you should spend money on Amazon FBA, when you can use the system you already have.
Soon enough you will find that when it comes to online sales to individuals, there might be some holes in your system.
Amazon is the boss, and if you want to enjoy all that it has to offer, you'll have to comply with its rules, which is not easy for many businesses. Often you might have no choice but to execute a certain function Manually because your system doesn't know how to communicate with Amazon's system to Automate the entire process.
Working manually has its drawbacks. Besides being much slower, it is also lacking Accuracy and Efficiency and expose your business and reputation to errors that might result in loss of revenue. You might find that you are unable to give your Online Customers the same level of service you give your offline customers.
For example:
Selling on Amazon can be a very profitable move for many businesses.
As an Amazon seller, you know that sales can go as high as dozens and even hundreds of units a day, pretty quick.
You probably want to give your customers quality products as well as the top-notch service. Great service is based on delivering your products on time and maintaining a stable and updated communication with your customers.
For the sake of this example, let's say that at the end of the day you sold 50 units on Amazon. You take the list of clients and addresses and send it to your shipping service, which issues your labels to print, stamp on your boxes and ship away to the buyers.
So far so good. Your clients will get their packages on time.
But before they do, working with Amazon obligates you to feed all of the tracking numbers for each and every package, as part of their service to their customers.
While in the past you were able to send the tracking number automatically from your system to the buyer's emails, now things have changed. Now your buyer is actually an Amazon buyer, logged into Amazon site and system, where your system can't operate.
Fifty orders may take a capable secretary about 2 hours to feed. But what if your sales grow, or if you don't have an employee to sent to the task? are you willing to hire more manpower for this task alone? and what would that do to your profits margin?
Suppose you do find a way to do it, someone in your organization spending a good portion of his or her day just copying and pasting tracking numbers. This single simple task is, in fact, a window for unintentional mistakes and errors that can potentially get you in trouble with your customers, and worst - with Amazon.
All that story can be solved with just 3 letters: EDI.
With EDI we can help your system "talk" with that of Amazon. We can automate your process from A to Z, so you can regain control over your shipping process, prevent human mistakes and match Amazon's top service with the press of a button.

At Amosoft we understand the challenges of eCommerce.
We specialize in using EDI to create a custom solution for your business that helps you become more efficient and as a result, make your job Easier, your service Better and your profits Higher.


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