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EDI for Manufacturers

With Amosoft EDI solution for Manufacturers, we help manufacturers meet vendor requirements by giving them the ability to exchange EDI transactions. Often, being able to exchange EDI transactions with vendors (or other business partners) is a must, when starting a business relationship. We therefore developed our EDI for Manufacturers solution that has the capability of sending and receiving purchase orders, invoices, advanced shipping notices, shipping schedules and routing carrier instructions.

In order to grow and become competitive in today's market, the manufacturer needs to be able to exchange data quickly. For that reason, they have to use electronic mechanisms to transfer their transactions fast from one side to another (warehouses, transportation carriers and other manufactures). Our EDI solution for Manufacturers will not only give you the ability to exchange EDI transactions with others, but will also give you an advantage over other manufactures who don't have an EDI solution or have a solution that is not so easy to use.

In short, we have the best Manufacturing EDI solutions on the market since we use advanced technology and we are flexible enough to meet all our clients needs.

Implementing an EDI for Manufacturing

Implementing an EDI for Manufacturing

Implementing an EDI or other B2B communications and integration effort has its rewards. It may also involve a great investment in time, money and effort. This is true for any organization. However, manufacturers have particular difficulties to address in these efforts.

Advantages of EDI for Manufacturers

Advantages of EDI for Manufacturers

Manufacturers in a wide array of product categories are looking for solutions to streamline their workflow and enhance their communications with their trading partners. EDI can be a significant aspect of these efforts. That�s because EDI provides the manufacturer with a number of advantages over non EDI-enabled organizations, including: (1) Less keying and re-keying data, less processing paper-based documents and fewer errors. (2) Instant communications in every direction (3) The entire lifecycle of an order is accelerated, from purchase order to invoice and everything in between. (4) With fully integrated systems, warehousing applications are automatically in sync with accounting, purchasing and sales. (5) With full trading partner connectivity, manufacturers, customers and suppliers can communicate better and share more information. (6) Avoid penalties for failing to meet trading partner requirements.

Small and mid-sized Suppliers and Vendors

Small and mid-sized Suppliers & Vendors

Amosoft offers Manufacturing EDI solutions that make it easy for any small supplier to process EDI transactions from any where in the world that has access to the internet. You can focus on growing your business while Amosoft takes care of the headaches of EDI compliance for you.

Integration with Manufacturing ERP

Integration with Manufacturing systems

Amosoft provide excellent support for companies involved in manufacturing. We can assist with the procurement, sales and distribution aspects of Manufacturing EDI requirements. We have the experience to address all of your manufacturing EDI requirements, including:
  1. Integrating into internal applications (like an ERP system)
  2. Handling Manufacturing specific transaction sets and EDI requirements such as 850 (PO), 855 (PO Ack.), 810 (Invoice), 856 (ASN), 830 (Forecast), etc.
  3. Custom mapping solutions to insure that your manufacturing EDI project is a success.
  4. We have already integrated our EDI solutions with many Manufacturing ERP solutions. With our extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing, we can expedite the implementation process, and provide a turn-key solution for any manufacturing environment.

Web-Based EDI portal for manufacturers

Web-Based EDI portal for manufacturers

Amosoft EDI solution for Manufacturers has a Web-Based EDI portal that lets manufacturers exchange EDI transactions over the web, without the need for any configuration or setup. The EDI transactions are sent directly to our servers from your retailers. You can then see them when you log in to your account on our web site in a specially built application, designed to be friendly and easy to use by anyone. We act as an EDI bridge between you the retailer, and your suppliers or other business partners, by taking care of your outgoing EDI transactions and sending incoming EDI transactions back to you.

Our web site displays the EDI transactions in a form-like structure which is easy to read and understand. We help you find the correct form design that fits your needs. Each transaction type (i.e. 850, 810, 855, 856, 846, 852, 830, 860, 865), has a different form. Once the form has been decided on, we attach it to your account.

Being flexible and easy to work with is our expertise. With Amosoft, you can send and receive EDI transactions over the web. We process everything on our servers and leave you to use the documents in your business just as you would any other document. For example, you can print the transaction (i.e. Purchase Order) or export it to an Excel file, ready for importing to your ERP system. Similarly, if your ERP system has an export option to Excel, you can import transactions from the Excel file to our system.

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